Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy cow, my plants are still alive!!!

First time I planted some flowers that lived this long (about a few days). I'm so happy they are thriving ;)

They said that your entry way through your main door has got to be clean, open, inviting and clutter free for good luck... so I cut the old plant by the entryway that was blocking the view of the door from the outside and planted some bright colored flowers instead (see those cut off tree trunks of my previous plants in there?)  ;) I have to get the old plants pulled out from their roots as well. Once they're gone, I'm going to plant  more winter flowers next to these guys.

I think I'm beginning to like "gardening" a bit (if you can even call it that). I have 3 more flower beds in the backyard that's screaming like "hey, you owe me some flowers!"


Gracie said...

looks like someone's got a green thumb :)

kittyblog said...

Wow! I love these flowers! They are so beautiful!


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