Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am floored!!!

Love the new floors! Nope, they are not wood floors (I don't have the time and energy to maintain wood floors... no no no... I'd rather spend that time doing something more meaningful)... yeah, they are T.I.L.E.S!!! Wood grain tiles! No worries with scratching, cleaning, maintaining that come with real wood floors! Hah! Don't get me wrong, wood floors are beautiful. But to me, that's all they are, just beautiful ;) Other than that, everything else especially maintenance is a pain...

These wood grain floors are perfect! You can barely see the dirt on them! Drove me nuts everyday with the almost white floor we used to have and the dark floor we have on the living room... so yeah, I'm so happy happy happy!

I am also liking the wider baseboards they put in ;) They are not painted yet so they look bright white.

Now, we have to deal with choosing the paint... oh man, here we go again... I went through choosing the paint last year when we did our bathroom... hard to decide which one is which... David Bromstad, I need you right here, right now!



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