Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A monster on my whiteboard...

Since this guy never fails to make me smile whenever I look at my board in my cube, I thought it deserve a space in my blog ;)

He looks pretty weird and funny... reminds me of some anime character...

He was doodled by one of the geekiest (and goofiest) character I've ever met in my entire life who sits next to my cube and who happens to be my boss as well ;)

He probably wouldn't be too happy with me blogging about his "work of art" but hey, I just have to. It's the little things like this that makes life a little bit more interesting ;)

Maybe I should give this monster a name... aha, I'd call him Alexander... you know that lead singer from the band "The Calling"... (Alex Band) with his signature voice that is just too hard to forget!

Nahhh, Monster the Monster sounds better ;)

Ok time to drive back to work now... lunch time is over...



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