Monday, September 26, 2011

Is that a Bone???

When I picked up my daughter from school last Friday, she was uberly excited to show me her craft for the day (human bone made out of paper) Lesson plan for the month is all about human body including skeletal system so I had a pretty good idea why they have bones for this week's craft.

She was like "Mommy, look it!" (Showing me the bone paper mache she did).
Me: "Oh wow, what is that???" (I was expecting to hear that it's a bone)
Kiddo: "It's a femur!!!"

Mommy's dumbfounded again!

Then a 4 yr old boy came to me as well...
Boy: "Look, you gotta see my femur too!" (Showed me his bone paper mache as well)
Me: "Wow, that's awesome! Good job!"
Boy: "They are the longest bone in our body and it goes from here to here!" (He pointed at his hip down to his knee)
Me: "Is it really??? Oh wow, that's great!" (Trying to hold my jaw from dropping in astonishment!)

Unbelievable! Wow!!! Toddlers these days know these kinda stuff?



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