Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hurrraaaayyyyy air purifier!

After being sick (sniffles, coughing, sore throat, etc) for the past few months, we finally decided to get air purifiers for each of our rooms (kiddo's and ours).

We clean pretty good in our house on top of the monthly professional cleaning we get... I just don't understand why we keep on getting sick. It only takes one of us to catch something and we all end up getting sick.

Man, I had been asthma free since highschool and last year, it came back! I suspect its all the "renovations" we did on our house last year plus the series of stupid dust storms we had the past few months!

Maaan, the dogs hair were cut short since beginning of spring, air filters are changed regularly. We clean every week, shampoo the carpets every 6 months... uhmmm, what else are we missing?

Well we had enough! Next week, old carpets are all going to go bye-bye! Hopefully, that and these air purifier units would do the trick on top of dusting every inch. We will probably have the a/c ducts professionally cleaned as well.

If these work well, we are going to get another air purifier unit for the living room!

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Gracie said...

Good decision, Bern. We have one in our room and it's doin' a pretty good job. The husband has asthma so we have to make sure our air's clean so he won't have any attacks.

Glad to know you're all better now. Take care.


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