Sunday, August 28, 2011

A rocketship!!!

When I saw this strange structure on the freeway after I picked up my daughter from school, I was super excited to ask her what she think it was. We always try to introduce new words to her vocabulary whenever we possibly can so I was going to tell her it looks like a spaceship, with spaceship maybe being her new word for the day.

When I asked her "sweetie, did you see that? Did you know what it is???". She replied with gusto and enthusiam and said "It's a rocketship!!!!!"

Ok, I was dumbfounded... totally didn't expect that ;) At least I know she's learning from school or from the ipad... whichever ;) I left it at that since a rocketship looked more fitting than a spaceship anyways ;)

My daughter never fails to brighten my day ;)



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