Friday, June 10, 2011

Not sure which one affected me more...

Seeing my daughter cry her heart out for the first 2 weeks as I drop her off to her new school, clinging & begging for me to take her with me... (I felt beyond horrible and I was miserable thinking if we should go look for another school as it looked like she's telling me something's wrong with this school!)


Witnessing my daughter's "independence"  one fine day as I drop her off at school... after we exchanged our kisses and i love you's, she calmly said "See you later Mommy"... turned her back, mingled with her newly found friends in school... talk to them about her Dora backpack... (Part of me was waiting for her to hold my hands longer and tell me not to go...)

Sniff... reality sank in... where had my baby gone? She will always always always be my little bebe....

Not too long ago she was just trying to learn how to roll over, crawl, stand on her own, walk... now, she can pull down her own undies... go sit on the big potty... poop and peepee and just call us when she's done... tells us stories what she did in school... I'm so scared to think of what's next... one day, she'll just come and tell us ---- "Mommy, Daddy, meet my boyfriend, Spencer (Reid)...." Oh noh, haha!



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