Thursday, April 28, 2011

My 2 yr old is "reading"?????

Around Christmas 2010, the kiddo learned the sounds of each letter of the alphabet so by the time she turned 2 (Feb this year), she has mastered it by heart. She could even give you example of things that start with certain letter (i.e. P, P, P-- Pizza!, you can tell she loves food!).

We encouraged her to say out loud the sound of each letter whenever we come across simple words wherever we go. We read the words so she would understand that there's more to letters than just having sounds... they form words that she can read :) I think this practice helped a lot on top of us reading books to her every single day.

One time we went to Trader Joe's and there was a big signage that says "EGGS on sale". When she saw it, she shouted "EGGS!!! EGGS!!!". My husband and I looked at each other and we were trying to figure out how did she know that those read "EGGS" when there was no single picture of an egg in there. Hmmm.

It was an "A-ha!" moment for us -- maybe, just maybe, she's able to grasp the basics of "reading". How else would she know that the word on the signage read "EGGS"???

We were stoked.

Anyways, here's her first video trying to "read". This was taken this morning. I will try to take some more tonight and post more videos of her as she gets better at it :)

She knew simple words and mostly those that she's already familiar with since she can associate the word with the actual object. She can easily get 2 to 6 letter words correctly.

Regardless, we are just happy about her progress. Please take note that we don't sit down for hours and hours to teach her all these (we don't have time for that as both me and hubby are working full time, plus I don't have the patience!). She just picks it up really quick as most kids her age do.

And no, we didn't use the "Your Baby Can Read" program. We used old school method of reading to her every night so the love for books and reading came naturally for her.

From the get-go we were never believers of "YBCR" program. I thought in the beginning it was pretty cool seeing those little kids "read". However, when I saw how it's being done (putting your kid in front of the TV every single day and having them go through flash cards after flash cards after flash cards and a mountain of other media of God-knows-what!), we knew that it's not for us. We don't have the time (and patience!) required for this program. Not to mention it's really expensive. I'm so glad we didn't fall into this trap. Sorry, I'm sure this worked to a lot of parents. I didn't want to criticize it at all, I just personally think that learning phonics is one of the best way to teach kids to read and YBCR is more like "memorization" (to me at least, just my opinion).

Anyways, super long post for today. Sorry, I'm being a stage mommy. Just really super proud of my baby. All these things she do are just bonuses to us. Her personality and character and being just who she is is what makes us super crazy about her.

To our Mikka, we love you, sweetheart!!!! We are sooo proud of you!!!!



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