Friday, February 4, 2011

My Silly Sweetheart!!

I just have to blog about these incidents with my 23 month old daughter. Too funny it's a shame not to write about them :)

She's just sooo silly and witty!!! She never fails to brighten our days :)

1) Share!

The other day, I gave my daughter a small bowl of snacks when my phone rang. About a minute or so on the phone, I heard my daughter talking:

Kiddo: “You want some???”
Kiddo: “Say, thaaaank youuuuu!!!”

When I checked what she was doing, I saw her “sharing” her snacks with Skye. Good thing she didn’t let Skye eat from her bowl, haha :)

Maaan, can you believe it? She was asking our dog to say “thank you” :o)

Hahahaheee. I tell you, that moment, it felt like all my worries vanished into thin air! I was laughing my heart out!! :)

2) Pretty!!!

The kiddo handed me her hair bow before we left the house one morning.

Kiddo: “Mommy, put on, please?”
Me: “Ok, there you go” (as I put it on her hair)
Kiddo: “Pretty!!!!”
Me: “Yes sweetheart, you are very pretty!”
Kiddo: “Of course!!!!”


These are just a few of those little silly things my daughter does everyday. I wish she knew  how much she made our lives so much happier and brighter :o)

We love you sweetcakes!


Gracie said...

hahaha! Mikka's so witty!


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