Monday, February 28, 2011

Mikka and her 32-pc Jigsaw Puzzle

My kiddo is obsessed with jigsaw puzzles! She would put together a few different sets of puzzles at home on top of what she already had at daycare --- in a day!! Wheeeeww, I thought that's a lot!

Whenever she's bored, she would mix puzzle pieces from different sets together (she has 12 pc sets, 24 pc sets and 32 pc sets and mix them all up) and then put them together accordingly. It totally amazes me how she could keep herself busy for hours!

I'm clueless of the puzzle skills other toddlers her age have. Part of me wants to see how she measures up with other 2 year olds. But I'm trying to avoid googling it since I didn't want to compare my baby to other kids. I still believe that each of them develop certain skills at their own pace. I'm just happy and proud that my baby can put together a 32-pc jigsaw pretty much on her own. I still remember my mom always always always brags about my younger sister being able to put jigsaw puzzles together when she was 2 (go figure where Mikka got it from and I can't be thankful enough!) So now, it's my turn to brag, haha :)

Yesterday, I checked on what she was doing in her room. So I tried to hide and took this video of her putting her barn animal puzzle together. She was sooo into it, she didn't even notice I was just standing there by her door. Be warned --- this is an 8-minute video, so be prepared to get bored, haha. Definitely not boring to me as I've been watching this video over and over until I passed out last night.

I am soooo proud of my daughter. She never ceases to amaze me and her dad... and her grams...and her gramps... heheeee. She's such a blessing. We love her so much!


Gracie said...

Mikka is so smart! i wish boys could cope with how girls develop. sometimes i get frustrated with Dade 'cos all he ever wants to do is dance, listen to music and play.

Crinklynose said...

Thanks dearie!

Awww, please don't get frustrated with Dade :( I know it's hard to keep our patience most of the time. And because we're working moms we don't get to spend that much time with them as much as we want to so we only have so much time to focus on teaching them.

With Mikka, since she goes to an in-home daycare where she gets to play with 2 other kids (a 3 yr old and a 2.5 yr old), she gets to pick up what they already know. That's why it was pretty easy for us to teach her. I think it makes a lot of difference with her being exposed to playing with other kids. So don't fret sis, it's alright. Just keep on doing what you're already doing and I'm sure Dade is retaining the information in his sponge-like brain. Try playing puzzles with Ryan when Dade is doing something else. When he sees both of you working on puzzles, I'm sure he'd want to join and see what's going on. I am saying this based on our experience with Mikka. A lot of times, she wouldn't seem like she's interested (certain toys, books, etc). But the next few days, we'd hear her saying words from a book we thought she didn't want anything to do with. Hang in there sis. He would learn in his own pace :) Take care!


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