Saturday, November 12, 2011

My picture wall!!!

Wahoooooo! This thing took me and hubby more than an hour to put together! So much for their claim saying that in 10 mins you'd have a picture wall with the template they provided.

I was going to surprise hubby that I've done it on my own while kiddo was asleep (and hubby at work), but he came home and I was still working on this thing.

It's alright though, I think it's worth the time and effort ;)

Now all I need to do is to put real pictures on them ;) Yay!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy cow, my plants are still alive!!!

First time I planted some flowers that lived this long (about a few days). I'm so happy they are thriving ;)

They said that your entry way through your main door has got to be clean, open, inviting and clutter free for good luck... so I cut the old plant by the entryway that was blocking the view of the door from the outside and planted some bright colored flowers instead (see those cut off tree trunks of my previous plants in there?)  ;) I have to get the old plants pulled out from their roots as well. Once they're gone, I'm going to plant  more winter flowers next to these guys.

I think I'm beginning to like "gardening" a bit (if you can even call it that). I have 3 more flower beds in the backyard that's screaming like "hey, you owe me some flowers!"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Steriods, anyone???

This is by far the most cool looking inhaler I've ever had ;)

Monday, October 31, 2011


This is as close to smoking I could get... ha! I'm at the dr's office with a nebulizer... asthma attack again ;(

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am floored!!!

Love the new floors! Nope, they are not wood floors (I don't have the time and energy to maintain wood floors... no no no... I'd rather spend that time doing something more meaningful)... yeah, they are T.I.L.E.S!!! Wood grain tiles! No worries with scratching, cleaning, maintaining that come with real wood floors! Hah! Don't get me wrong, wood floors are beautiful. But to me, that's all they are, just beautiful ;) Other than that, everything else especially maintenance is a pain...

These wood grain floors are perfect! You can barely see the dirt on them! Drove me nuts everyday with the almost white floor we used to have and the dark floor we have on the living room... so yeah, I'm so happy happy happy!

I am also liking the wider baseboards they put in ;) They are not painted yet so they look bright white.

Now, we have to deal with choosing the paint... oh man, here we go again... I went through choosing the paint last year when we did our bathroom... hard to decide which one is which... David Bromstad, I need you right here, right now!

Pizza at 2am!

Crap, we passed out super tired of all these work going on in our house. It's 2am, I woke up and realized I wasn't able to prep something for kiddo's lunch.

Whipped up something real quick from the almost empty fridge  and here's the best I could come up with - ham, cheese and pineapple pizza on toasted english muffin.

Oh boy. Here goes nothing.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hurrraaaayyyyy air purifier!

After being sick (sniffles, coughing, sore throat, etc) for the past few months, we finally decided to get air purifiers for each of our rooms (kiddo's and ours).

We clean pretty good in our house on top of the monthly professional cleaning we get... I just don't understand why we keep on getting sick. It only takes one of us to catch something and we all end up getting sick.

Man, I had been asthma free since highschool and last year, it came back! I suspect its all the "renovations" we did on our house last year plus the series of stupid dust storms we had the past few months!

Maaan, the dogs hair were cut short since beginning of spring, air filters are changed regularly. We clean every week, shampoo the carpets every 6 months... uhmmm, what else are we missing?

Well we had enough! Next week, old carpets are all going to go bye-bye! Hopefully, that and these air purifier units would do the trick on top of dusting every inch. We will probably have the a/c ducts professionally cleaned as well.

If these work well, we are going to get another air purifier unit for the living room!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Is that a Bone???

When I picked up my daughter from school last Friday, she was uberly excited to show me her craft for the day (human bone made out of paper) Lesson plan for the month is all about human body including skeletal system so I had a pretty good idea why they have bones for this week's craft.

She was like "Mommy, look it!" (Showing me the bone paper mache she did).
Me: "Oh wow, what is that???" (I was expecting to hear that it's a bone)
Kiddo: "It's a femur!!!"

Mommy's dumbfounded again!

Then a 4 yr old boy came to me as well...
Boy: "Look, you gotta see my femur too!" (Showed me his bone paper mache as well)
Me: "Wow, that's awesome! Good job!"
Boy: "They are the longest bone in our body and it goes from here to here!" (He pointed at his hip down to his knee)
Me: "Is it really??? Oh wow, that's great!" (Trying to hold my jaw from dropping in astonishment!)

Unbelievable! Wow!!! Toddlers these days know these kinda stuff?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pizza, anyone?

Toppings include mushrooms, pepperoni, lemons, zucchini, carrots, bell pepper and watermelon! Eeeww, my kiddo is weird, haha ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to grow up!

Yay, finally, a real grown-up laptop bag for me!!! No more nerdy backpacks to lug at work... no more lousy purses that comes along with the ugly backpack! Woohooo!

With this, I didn't have to bring a separate purse for my "girly" stuff. This doubles as a tote bag as well so even during weekends when I didn't need my work laptop, I could still use it and would still feel fab, mweehheee ;)

Been using it for a couple of days now and I wouldn't want to look back! I love this cutesy. Thanks to the hubby I didn't have to justify too hard to get myself one of these ;) Laveeeeet!!!

Happy Friday... uber busy at work but for some reason I am loving it ;) weirdo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A monster on my whiteboard...

Since this guy never fails to make me smile whenever I look at my board in my cube, I thought it deserve a space in my blog ;)

He looks pretty weird and funny... reminds me of some anime character...

He was doodled by one of the geekiest (and goofiest) character I've ever met in my entire life who sits next to my cube and who happens to be my boss as well ;)

He probably wouldn't be too happy with me blogging about his "work of art" but hey, I just have to. It's the little things like this that makes life a little bit more interesting ;)

Maybe I should give this monster a name... aha, I'd call him Alexander... you know that lead singer from the band "The Calling"... (Alex Band) with his signature voice that is just too hard to forget!

Nahhh, Monster the Monster sounds better ;)

Ok time to drive back to work now... lunch time is over...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A rocketship!!!

When I saw this strange structure on the freeway after I picked up my daughter from school, I was super excited to ask her what she think it was. We always try to introduce new words to her vocabulary whenever we possibly can so I was going to tell her it looks like a spaceship, with spaceship maybe being her new word for the day.

When I asked her "sweetie, did you see that? Did you know what it is???". She replied with gusto and enthusiam and said "It's a rocketship!!!!!"

Ok, I was dumbfounded... totally didn't expect that ;) At least I know she's learning from school or from the ipad... whichever ;) I left it at that since a rocketship looked more fitting than a spaceship anyways ;)

My daughter never fails to brighten my day ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a cookie can do...

While giving her a bath, I asked my 2.5yr old if she thinks she can spell a few words with her bath letters. First we tried HAT, then RAG, then BUN , then JUMP. I would say the word then say the sound of each letter then she would find the correct letters from the pile and stick them on the wall (I'd say HAT- hah, aaa, tttt and she would understand what I meant). Since she only has one letter of each that she had to borrow the A and U from the previous words that's why BUN is missing the U and HAT is missing the A.

Her motivation??? A cookie for each word she spells correctly.

Yes, she is my cookie monster and I am so proud of her ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Natural remedy for coughs...

Lemons, honey, rum... wait, rum??? Really?

Goodbye truck...

After 4 yrs and only accumulated 20k miles with us, it's time to let go. I'm sure another person or family would take care of you more than we can right now. Thanks for the good times ;)

Goodness, I realized every little step we take for the past few months brings us closer and closer towards plan 2013...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yes, i am a working mom...

Kiddo is sick since Tuesday. Hubby stayed with her for the past 2 days. It's my turn to stay with her to watch her today... difference is, I am working remotely from home while I watch my child.

I attended a quick 30min meeting on the phone and here's what surprised me after I checked on the little one.... a wall and toys full of marker pen doodles!!! Arrrggghhhhhh! And yeah, not only that, they're on my ipad too!!! I think I'm going to have a heart attack...

So yeah, I can feel my blood rising up on my head. Crap.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Papa Jesus & her blankie...

I asked my daughter why is she wearing her blankie that way... she said "like Papa Jesus mommy..."

Not sure if it's Papa Jesus white robe like what he wears on childrens story books or if it's his white garment while He's on the Holy Cross... hmmm...

It just blows my mind how in the world a 2.5 yr old tot could associate a blankie to Papa Jesus... of all the things she could imagine with it she chose Him... we probably are doing something right making her more aware of Papa JC. I'm so proud of her ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

This day has just started and I am already feeling super special and loved. My daughter greeted with with a sweet happy bday song this morning, I got a delivery from Hogwarts (c/o hubby), got a new pair of shoes (c/o my favorite sister on earth) and was greeted by family, the special people in my life, dear friends and more friends from fb universe!

I may not have everything that I want but I know I have everything that I need in my life... I am truly blessed ;) I couldn't ask for more.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hope this helps!

God help us! Kiddo had been uber rambunctious these days we need some guidance as new parents how to deal with it the effective and loving way we can!


We just turned on the swamp cooler and the burst of air blowing on their ears and face made my waggly-tailed kids doze off. Who could blame them when it's 100F's outside!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I dunno what's up with me, but seeing hubby walk the kiddo by the water makes me fall in love with him all over again.

I think it's because I knew he loved the water since he was a kid (growing up from Hawaii) and  now, seeing him share this love with our daughter and seeing them walking by the shore or near the water always makes me smile :)  This is just a few of their daddy-and-daddy's-little-girl bonding moments :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


We took the kiddo to a yogurt place as her reward because she'd been very good at asking us to go potty!!! Wooohooo!!! Patience pays off!

Sooo proud of our kiddo!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teddy and his pullups

Errr, my child put this onto her teddy. Is this totally normal?

Let's go swimming!

I'm ready to swim mommy, come on, let's go!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Not sure which one affected me more...

Seeing my daughter cry her heart out for the first 2 weeks as I drop her off to her new school, clinging & begging for me to take her with me... (I felt beyond horrible and I was miserable thinking if we should go look for another school as it looked like she's telling me something's wrong with this school!)


Witnessing my daughter's "independence"  one fine day as I drop her off at school... after we exchanged our kisses and i love you's, she calmly said "See you later Mommy"... turned her back, mingled with her newly found friends in school... talk to them about her Dora backpack... (Part of me was waiting for her to hold my hands longer and tell me not to go...)

Sniff... reality sank in... where had my baby gone? She will always always always be my little bebe....

Not too long ago she was just trying to learn how to roll over, crawl, stand on her own, walk... now, she can pull down her own undies... go sit on the big potty... poop and peepee and just call us when she's done... tells us stories what she did in school... I'm so scared to think of what's next... one day, she'll just come and tell us ---- "Mommy, Daddy, meet my boyfriend, Spencer (Reid)...." Oh noh, haha!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Water day in school!

Today is water day at the kiddo's school so they were asked to come in their swimsuit... so here she go, tinkering with her favorite "there's a monster at the end of this book" app while mommy get all the little squirt's swim stuff ready ;)

Looking at this pic, I realiazed I gotta get her newer swimsuits because she's outgrowing them pretty quickly.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mikka "reading" Part2

We're so proud of our 27 month old little squirt :) She's getting better and better at "reading" :)

Been quite a while since we were able to practice with her reading phonetically, we thought she might have forgotten. So last night we tried showing her simple words for her to practice her new found skill :)

Here's part 2 of her trying to "read" simple words.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is how we eat this from my home country, the Philippines ;) So cute my baby ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

New toy!!!

This one I share with the kiddo and we both love it!

I get the best of both worlds as I am still crazy about my Android phone and at the same time the iPad fulfills the gap that I didn't have from my phone (regardless if it's android or iphone).

We considered android tabs as well however, they felt like they're the same as my phone only bigger ;) So it's a no brainer decision - ipad it is!

I'm a happy momma, no more bored kid during long drives, travel, waiting at the restaurant, no more "can I play with your laptop, mommy pls"etc etc etc ;)

Thank God for the blessing of "unexpected" moolah, otherwise we would still have waited for the 5th generation, haha ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At Last!!!

Been waiting for this for a few weeks now ;) All the way from China! Ridiculously out of stock from Apple store since it launched. Now it's here! Hurrraaaay for the kiddo's new toy... errr, I think I should say, *my* toy ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My poor Chewy...

He's sick, didn't want to eat his food this morning and had a few poopy accidents last night ;(

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Counting Easter Eggs

Here's the kiddo counting the Easter eggs she got from egg hunting last Easter weekend :)

My Awesome Easter Weekend

I had the perfect Easter weekend -- lazy day with me, hubby, the kiddo, the 4-legged kiddos and the 75F weather. Awesome!!!

After church, we didn't go anywhere and just stayed at home. Since the weather was just beautiful, we spent the rest of the morning in the backyard - the tot playing with her water tub, hubby grilling some Filipino BBQ, the dogs just having fun in the sun :) Most of our neighbors are enjoying the weather as well. Two of our neighbors rang our bell since they dropped some ball over our backyard :)

Anyways, here's a video of what felt like one of my best weekends ever :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My 2 yr old is "reading"?????

Around Christmas 2010, the kiddo learned the sounds of each letter of the alphabet so by the time she turned 2 (Feb this year), she has mastered it by heart. She could even give you example of things that start with certain letter (i.e. P, P, P-- Pizza!, you can tell she loves food!).

We encouraged her to say out loud the sound of each letter whenever we come across simple words wherever we go. We read the words so she would understand that there's more to letters than just having sounds... they form words that she can read :) I think this practice helped a lot on top of us reading books to her every single day.

One time we went to Trader Joe's and there was a big signage that says "EGGS on sale". When she saw it, she shouted "EGGS!!! EGGS!!!". My husband and I looked at each other and we were trying to figure out how did she know that those read "EGGS" when there was no single picture of an egg in there. Hmmm.

It was an "A-ha!" moment for us -- maybe, just maybe, she's able to grasp the basics of "reading". How else would she know that the word on the signage read "EGGS"???

We were stoked.

Anyways, here's her first video trying to "read". This was taken this morning. I will try to take some more tonight and post more videos of her as she gets better at it :)

She knew simple words and mostly those that she's already familiar with since she can associate the word with the actual object. She can easily get 2 to 6 letter words correctly.

Regardless, we are just happy about her progress. Please take note that we don't sit down for hours and hours to teach her all these (we don't have time for that as both me and hubby are working full time, plus I don't have the patience!). She just picks it up really quick as most kids her age do.

And no, we didn't use the "Your Baby Can Read" program. We used old school method of reading to her every night so the love for books and reading came naturally for her.

From the get-go we were never believers of "YBCR" program. I thought in the beginning it was pretty cool seeing those little kids "read". However, when I saw how it's being done (putting your kid in front of the TV every single day and having them go through flash cards after flash cards after flash cards and a mountain of other media of God-knows-what!), we knew that it's not for us. We don't have the time (and patience!) required for this program. Not to mention it's really expensive. I'm so glad we didn't fall into this trap. Sorry, I'm sure this worked to a lot of parents. I didn't want to criticize it at all, I just personally think that learning phonics is one of the best way to teach kids to read and YBCR is more like "memorization" (to me at least, just my opinion).

Anyways, super long post for today. Sorry, I'm being a stage mommy. Just really super proud of my baby. All these things she do are just bonuses to us. Her personality and character and being just who she is is what makes us super crazy about her.

To our Mikka, we love you, sweetheart!!!! We are sooo proud of you!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Somebody's watching me!!!

Oh my goodness! I got the fright of my guts! The kiddo is napping longer than her usual 2hr nap so I found some time to look into some homework we got in preparation for our meeting with our CFP.

I was sooo focused into the paperworks when I looked up I saw Leonardo the Terrible Monster sitting on the kiddo's chair, right in front of me! (I know, he's not the cutest looking monster but my daughter adores him!) She must have put him there earlier when she was playing with her "pretend" friends.

Maaan, I almost jumped off my chair! Then of course I laughed at myself. One of the many joys of parenthood ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love the hat!!!

There's no denying the kiddo is a Target baby ;) Checkout the cute hat! We didn't get it since I know as soon as we get home she didn't want anything to do with it. So, this snap would do ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crispy okoy & adobong string beans

This is sooooo good! A good example why abstaining from eating meat during Lent doesn't feel too much of a "sacrifice" to me at all. I should have given up coffee and/or chocolates instead (oh maaan, now to me that's definitely a sacrifice!)

I cooked adobong sitaw (string beans) with squid balls (weird huh?) last for dinner last night. Hubby came home with a plate of okoy (tiny shrimps crisps), from a friend of ours who brought us pasalubong from L.A (thanks Arnold and Kim!)

Surprisingly, the string beans and okoy went good together so I had a busog kiddo and hubby last night ;)

Now what to cook for tonight?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just like college

Gotta love this book - geekiness and all!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I thought she's such a cutie ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Experimental Pasta

It's Sunday and the kiddo's napping so I took some time to whip off this pasta I just put together really quick. I have some pasta sauce in the pantry, some leftover rotiserrie chicken, frozen veggies, shredded cheese, cooked pasta and baked it for 30mins... no idea how it's going to taste like but I'd let the hubby and the kiddo be the judge.

No I'm not a good cook, so I don't have high hopes at all on this one. I just didn't want to eat out this time.

Hey, at leat least I tried "cooking" ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mikka enjoying the splash pad

We attended a birthday party last week at Desert Breeze Park. It was pretty warm that day so the kids had a blast at the splash pad. It was Mikka's first time to play on a splash pad and she was pretty thrilled with it :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mikka and the Bluebonnets

We went to Austin, TX last weekend to visit my sister and my brother-in-law. It was a great trip! Made me realize how it makes a whole lot of difference when family's close by. We really really love it being there and I'm sure we're going back soon.

It's spring time and Bluebonnets (state flower of TX) are in bloom. They can only be found in TX and we're lucky my brother-in-law knew a "secret" place where these pretty flowers are blooming a plenty!

My brother-in-law (he's the best!), put together this awesome video of Mikka with some of the highlights we had while we were in Austin :) Can't wait to go back there!!!

Bluebonnet Hunting with Meeks from AM3 Photography on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm so sad ;(

As I am putting away Mikka's art/crafts this week, as I look at them I can't help but feel some twitch on my heart... sigh...

Thursday night, our daycare lady called me to break her news that they are moving out of state in 2 months because her husband found a good job offer in Pensylvania. He did try to look around for a job locally so they could keep the daycare and wouldn't have to move but that didn't workout for them.My heart broke as Mikka and the other kids in her daycare (there's 2 other girls who go to her and an 8 month old boy) love love love her so much! She's their 2nd mom pretty much. Plus the care she has for the kids is just unbelievable!

Mikka learned so much from her - crafts, reading books, pretend plays, dress-up, singing, dancing, puzzles and a whole bunch of other fun stuff they do everyday. I'm not one of those crafty moms so imagine how proud I am whenever my daughter comes home with crafts and artworks she did at Ms Terrie's. Regardless whether its just a page of coloring book with my daughter's scribbles and doodles or some paper with stickies, I feel so lucky that our daycare lady's commitment to stimulate the kids learning in every possible way is just remarkable!

The picture on the right shows 2 of Mikka's "artworks" that always make us smile and be proud of our little girl. She did them with the help of Ms Terrie of course! In a couple of months Ms Terrie and her family are leaving and I don't know how it's going to impact the kids. I hope they're still young enough to get traumatized by this.

Anyways, now we're on the lookout again for another in-home daycare as daycare centers are not even an option for us. We're not putting the kiddo in a daycare center, period. The small in home daycares is what we think is best for her until she's ready for preschool.

Preschool... wow, that's like next year already! Somebody stop the time from flying sooo fast!
I know there are other stuff going on around that are way more sad than this... but I'm just human, come on. We come to love Ms Terrie and her family and them leaving just really broke my heart ;(

Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Your Name sweetheart?

Conversation with the kiddo...

Me: What's your name sweetheart?
Kiddo: Mikka!
Me: Mikka what?
Kiddo: Mikka G***
Me: What about daddy? What's daddy's name?
Kiddo: John!
Me: John what?
Kiddo: John G***
Me: What about mommy's name?
Kiddo: Ann (I don't usually go by my first name however it's much easier for her to pronounce it, short and simple)
Me: Ann what????
Kiddo: Ann, O, P, Q, R, S...

** she thought her mommy's name is "N", haha ;) **

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not a UFO...

I just parked my car at work and I saw this balloon ;) Too bad I can't zoom in my phone as much so this is the best shot I could get. There were actually 2 of them but I was too lazy to find the spot so I can take pics of them both, ha! It was friggin 50F this morning so I hope the people up there bundled up pretty good ;)

Been seeing lotsa balloons these days cuz the weather's getting warmer. Whenever Mikka sees one of these she would say, "Beni!!! Sticky tape!!!" --- just because one of those Dora episodes she'd seen was when Beni was stuck in a balloon asking for help and sticky tape cuz the balloon has a hole on it. It's been a while since we saw that episode I'm surprised she remembered. Yeah, whaddaya expect from a Dora fan? Ha!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey there stranger!

It's been 2 years! I've missed you guys! We have lotsa catching up to do :) I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pooooh Thing!!!

Mikka was sitting down by the door and munching on her chips when she heard her dad opening the door from outside while talking on the phone.

Immediately she screamed- "Daaaaddy!!!"

She was excitedly waiting for him to open the door and step in. Since he was talking on the phone, he decided to stay outside a bit longer...

Mikka was still waiting and when her dad still didn't step in, she ran towards me, pointing at the door and said "Daddy, stuck! Pooooh thing (poor thing!)!!!"

Yeah, cracks us up big time! ;)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mikka and her colors!

It took her longer to pick-up color identification compared to her ABC's, numbers, shapes, etc. We even thought she's color blind!

Our worries went away when she was able to match buttons of the same color when we asked her to. Now, we are so proud that she can nail her colors at 24 months! Regardless we are just happy with her learning progress. So so sooo proud of her.

Here's Part 1:

Part 2:

Mikka and her 32-pc Jigsaw Puzzle

My kiddo is obsessed with jigsaw puzzles! She would put together a few different sets of puzzles at home on top of what she already had at daycare --- in a day!! Wheeeeww, I thought that's a lot!

Whenever she's bored, she would mix puzzle pieces from different sets together (she has 12 pc sets, 24 pc sets and 32 pc sets and mix them all up) and then put them together accordingly. It totally amazes me how she could keep herself busy for hours!

I'm clueless of the puzzle skills other toddlers her age have. Part of me wants to see how she measures up with other 2 year olds. But I'm trying to avoid googling it since I didn't want to compare my baby to other kids. I still believe that each of them develop certain skills at their own pace. I'm just happy and proud that my baby can put together a 32-pc jigsaw pretty much on her own. I still remember my mom always always always brags about my younger sister being able to put jigsaw puzzles together when she was 2 (go figure where Mikka got it from and I can't be thankful enough!) So now, it's my turn to brag, haha :)

Yesterday, I checked on what she was doing in her room. So I tried to hide and took this video of her putting her barn animal puzzle together. She was sooo into it, she didn't even notice I was just standing there by her door. Be warned --- this is an 8-minute video, so be prepared to get bored, haha. Definitely not boring to me as I've been watching this video over and over until I passed out last night.

I am soooo proud of my daughter. She never ceases to amaze me and her dad... and her grams...and her gramps... heheeee. She's such a blessing. We love her so much!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday cake baby doll

I know we're not going to eat this baby doll cake topper(yes, she's edible) but I didn't want to throw her away either. Poor thing, she's probably going to get stuck in the freezer for a long, long time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Hat!

She was wearing her birthday hat the entire day! I can't believe she's 2!!!! Happy happy birthday my sweetheart!!! We love you sooo much!

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Maaan, I was at Nordstrom Rack and saw these cutesies for toddlers! Too bad they only come in 2T's (2 yr old's). The kiddo wears 3T's so she could wear them longer. Otherwise it's just a waste as kids grow up pretty fast so it's more practical to get 1 or 2 sizes bigger.

Anyhoo, maybe it's a blessing in disguise that they didn't have the kiddo's size or else I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of getting my girl one of these. Sooo adorable!


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