Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yay, finally, we have a backyard we could actually use and enjoy :)

About 7 months ago, here's what the backyard looked like:

When we got our house in 2006, this is the most decent property we could afford with a big backyard. 4 years after, we realized that we don't get to use our backyard as often as we want to. Too hot during summer and even during winter, there's technically nothing in there but dying grass and weeds and of course, a big dog run for the 4-legged kids.

Then Mikka came along and she's getting bigger and active. We knew we had to do something as we're outgrowing our little old house and it's nice sized backyard. So we decided we expand a bit, clean up and said good bye to the bigger backyard we thought we want.... - all these for the tot!

So now, much smaller backyard but definitely functional... and here's what it looks like:

our old patio converted was converted to a room addition. now more space for mikka!

the walkway and my empty planters... gotta plant some winter flowers in there! woohoo!

Oooopps the hoops :) Here's the gate of the dogrun in case the waggly tailed kiddos needed to stay in there whenever we have guests who are scared of dogs.

I love the huge wind chime :)
So there... it's one of those gazzillion things that kept us busy... it's so worth it especially whenever we see Mikka running around safely and the dogs enjoying the grass :)

Now if only I could get that thingie they call bbq grill..... hmmmm....



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