Friday, October 29, 2010

Not Just Another Princess...

Cuz mine's a warrior, is green and most of all, I love her soooo much :o) Video link here.

Since we decided we're just going to stay home this Halloween as the kiddo would probably enjoy giving out candies and saying hello's and good-byes to trick or treaters than if we take her out, we thought it's alright for her to wear something a little bare like this...

We still gotta get her a small sword and maybe paint her green? Hahah, just kidding :o)

I really love this Warrior Princess Fiona costume :o) We got 2 costumes for her that I ordered online. One is Princess Leia and Warrior Princess Fiona. My first choice is Princess Leia however, the smallest size available is way too big on her :o(

But the Warrior Princess Fiona costume turned out to be cute too, hehehee :o)

child size version of the costume... can't find toddler size one. it's way cuter, ha!

Anyhoo, happy halloween everyone!!! Be safe and have fun!


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