Monday, September 27, 2010

Which tops???

Countertops that is...

I'm on the lookout for some decent countertops for my kitchen as we're temporarily using some cut wood our contractor put together for us until we find the real deal.

I had some tops guys come over during the weekend and they brought in samples. My oh my, I didn't realize they're really expensive. For a teeny weeny sized kitchen as mine, I thought I wouldn't be spending an arm and leg for an ok looking tops. Oh maaan, I was sooo wrong.

I grabbed some granite samples from one of the guys slab shops as well as some silestone from Home Depot. I was looking for something simple yet would get my chosen tile back splash to pop.

Here's what I got.

I narrowed the choices down to these guys - bottom 2 are granite, the smaller squares in the middle are the silestone, top most are my glass tiles (i dunno which one to get yet) for my wall that would go above the granite backsplash. geesh.

granite#1 with my glass tiles. below's my cabinet color.

granite#1 + tile#1

granite#1 + sparkly tile#2

granite#2 + tile#1

granite#2 + tile#2

silestone#1 (coffee brown) + tile#1

silestone#1 + tile#2

my heart is set on this top - silestone#2 (mahogany) + tile#2

silestone#2 + tile#1 --> this combo is my favorite of all!!!!
 It would all boil down to the "right" price (read: cheap, affordable, reasonable, haha!). I already know that my silestone#2 would bust my budget (unless of course I sell more stocks but I'm not going to do that!). Also, now that I look at the pictures, I think I prefer glass tile#1. Still gotta get the hubby's opinion (and approval) before deciding which is which.

Here are some pics that I took from the slab shop. They look so much different with different lighting and the bigger slab gives you a better picture on how the stone would look like as tops.

this is granite#1 slab (look at the bottom since the top part was dusty)
granite#2 slab
Worst case, we'd just stick with what we have now, the pieces of cut wood my dear contractor put together for us, hahaha :o)

see, wood piece is not too bad at all, huh?
messy temporary kitchen with cut wood as our countertop, thanks to our contractor for doing this for us. gives us some sink we could use while waiting for the whole kitchen to get done.
Decisions... decisions... all these projects are driving me nuts! But nonetheless, I know it's worth it since the kiddo is getting bigger and we need extra space. A lot of people were telling us, we should have just bought a new house vs having to renovate "This Old House". Yeah, but moving is not an option for us right now, so renovating to make some space is the best option though admittedly it's not the most cost effective route. But hey, we love our neighborhood - easy access to everything! We could have gotten probably a much much cheaper brand new home but we gotta drive an hour to go to work and another hour coming back. Plus, everyone knows it's buyer's market out there, so we really think that we made the right decision that works for us. So there... all these with a 19 month old and 2 waggly tailed kids are more than enough to keep a working mom beyond being busy busy busy... Good thing I love my job, or else, my sanity level would be down to the pits.


popcorn said...

I love all your choices! So classy!

Crinklynose said...

thanks sis :o) it actually turned out way better than i expected. i just sooo love the glass tiles. you read my thoughts - exact word i have in mind - classy :o) take care!


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