Sunday, September 19, 2010


One fine Sunday at Church, my Anikka was trying to catch our attention by making all sorts of noise and such. As a mom, I thought I'd shush her to let her know that a church is a place of worship and noisy kids are not regarded as cute. Even if we're inside the cry room (yes, our church has a dedicated cry room so familyiesand adults who didn't want anything to do with kids throwing tantrums in the middle of the Holy Mass, could still pray and worship without disturbance), it's still embarrassing if your kid starts to act up and be the noisiest in the crowd. Oh noh noh noh.

Anyways, as I shushed her here was the scenario:

Me: "Quiet Mikka, shhhhhhhhh..." (as I quickly tap my index finger on my lips)

I got a good stare from my daughter and immediately, she laughed and enthusiastically screamed---- "Booooooo!!!!" 

Oh my goodness, I was trying soooo hard not to laugh! 

You see, one of my daughter's favorite books is Leslie Patricelli's "The Birthday Box". She has memorized this by heart since we've read this a million times already. The story was about a toddler who got a present on his birthday to discover a big brown box when he unwrapped it. Of course, kids would get too excited with the what they could do with the box more than the present itself, so this tot's endless imagination have brought him & the box to a whole new world of his own.

Now to make the story short, here's the page of that book why I got the silly response from my Anikka when I shushed her.... ---

All these antics and she's not even 2. She was just 15 months old back then, she's now 18 months old and could count and recite her ABC's. Oh Mikka, you never fail to put a smile on mommy's face :o)



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