Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost Done...

I'm so close to reclaiming my bathroom after almost over a month of hiatus from choosing the tiles, the paint colors, vanity, shower assembly, faucets etc etc etc.

Here's some pics of the shower and sink area.

sorry for the dust
gotta love these fixtures!

wall paint on the side walls is also sesame not sure why it looked bright yellow in the pics

The only thing that's missing now is the shower door. Now, I asked hubby to choose which shower door he wants since I really don't care that much. I'm too tired to be picky about shower doors... of course, not until he showed me this. Now I can't stop thinking about it. My budget for a decent shower door is about $350 to $400. Imagine how I almost died when I found out that this puppy costs about $1500!!!! Oh well, time to shop for something more reasonable and within the budget... 

Will definitely update this once we find the best shower door that would fit our need and wouldn't leave a big hole in our pockets :o)

Oh, here are some "before" pics. Taken just before we moved in the house back in 2006 - yeap, at the beginning of the the housing market crash. It was still expensive back then... only if we had waited for another year before getting our own house... but then again, it's alright. In return, we could have not adopted Chewy had we stayed in a rental home any longer than we should. So, no regrets :o)

yep, we bid goodbye to the tub and converted the area into a full shower
excuse my big belly making a peek- shoot, what the?@$#


Gracie said...

wow, a his & hers sink. inggit kami ni hubby :P

popcorn said...

Ang ganda, I'm so envious!

I want to have our bathrooms remodeled too, kaya lang pag naiisip ko yung cost - eek! - biglang na re realize ko na okay na rin naman yung old look namin.


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