Friday, June 4, 2010

Mikka's Aloha Hello Kitty 1st Bday Party

This post had been sitting in my drafts folder for the past 4 weeks so some may no longer be time-appropriate so please bear with me.

This was written when my mom was still here and my brother just flew from Manila to the US a few  weeks back. Now they're both back in the Philippines but my brother's out and about for another 2 week out- of-the-country trip (gosh, my brother travels a lot but it's good because he deserves every bit of "me time" these days)

Missing them both, but that of course requires a separate blog post... heee...

To my dear ones who have been waiting for the pictures, I'd post some of them here. I don't post pictures in FB as I used to just because I realized even if you set your album accessible to "friends only", other people could still see them. Not sure but I'm guessing it's some FB bug. However I'd be sending a link to the rest of the pictures to you guys, just give me a holler if I missed you in my list.

Yay, I finally got a chance to blog about Anikka's birthday party here in AZ!

We just came back from Vegas over the weekend since my brother flew from the Philippines, we took him for a short trip to the Sin City, drove to Grand Canyon and swing by Sedona before heading back home (all in 3 days!). It was one of the most exhausting out of town trips I've ever had! I think I didn't want to go out of town anytime soon, haha!

I have lotsa pics in my camera that are piling up and I haven't even blogged about Mikka's first bday party celebration here in AZ... oh maaaan....

Anyhoo, March 21st, almost about a month after her first birthday (Feb 23), we celebrate this exciting milestone of hers (and ours too) here in AZ. Her "Aloha Hello Kitty" party was held in an  open park (Playtopia ainTumbleweed Park) to take advantage of the gorgeous AZ weather in spring :o)

We chose Aloha Hello Kitty for her theme. First, it's cute and not too common, second, it's the only cartoon character I get my husband to agree on since HK is Japanese plus adding Hawaiian touch makes it more dear to hubby. 

Cute as it may sound but it definitely was not an easy theme to gather so I had to improvise a bit. Since we just came back from Hawaii at the time of her party, most of the favors I got while we were there. I also had to just mix and match Hello Kitty themes with Hawaiian themes, so I guess, it turned out pretty ok. I just had to invest a lot of time researching where to get the supplies. Other than that, we had a lot of fun preparing for her party!

It was just a simple party with some good friends and good food...

We rented 3 ramadas closest to the playground so the kids wouldn't have to go far. Hubby came in late though because he had to run to grab some more stuff from Costco. Took about an hour before he came back and the party already started. He missed some games but heck, what to do? We didn't have anybody else to help us unlike in the Philippines where you could hire someone to help you with all your events needs so all you gotta do is sit back, relax, mingle with guests. It was definitely an experience and an event to remember for us regardless :o)

Anyways, thanks so much to all those who came and made the celebration a blast - families and good friends, every single soul who took their time to join us, can't thank you enough! Special mention to Tobi, our balloon artist and face painter, Sonya who helped me host the party, Clive Vanrensburg our photographer, Ate Leeza for cooking the food, Bravo family for always there for us from the very beginning our our journey as a couple, the Crandalls for helping us entertain Mikka while we run around to check on the guests etc, the Yabuts for always helping us with valuable party suggestions , we found our cakemaker, Tasha, because of Ice, thanks so much sis plus the idea of Hello Kitty as Mikka's theme saved us a lot from knocking our heads to find out which theme to use...  and of course, every single soul who came and even those who didn't make it, thanks sooo much from the bottom of our hearts!!!

So 'nuf of the talk... here are some pictures we'd like to share (at long last!!!).


klengz said...

Hi! Love your daughter's birthday video. Please send me links to websites you used for your daughter's birthday. I'm actually doing the same theme for my daugther's 2nd birthday. Would love to know where you got the pinata, supplies, favors etc. Thanks. EMail me at

Stephanie Olivares said...

hi I'm doing the same theme for my daugther's 1st birthday. Would love to know where you got the pinata, supplies, favors etc. Thank you. please eMail me at


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