Friday, June 18, 2010

Major Heartbreak!!!

My friend from work told me she got tickets to the circus for her daughter and was able to convince me to go take Mikka to the circus as well.

I got really excited that I ended up purchasing seats for my family. I'm so positive Mikka's going to enjoy it cuz she only sees elephants, tigers, horses etc from books, so it would be fun to see how she'd react when she sees them on the flesh.

But of course, I didn't get contented from just buying the tickets, I have to look for more information about the circus itself. I should have done this before I got the tickets (I know!!!!!), but the eager beaver in me prevailed, now I'm in a major heartbreak!

I saw this horrible video AFTER I purchased the tickets and my heart broke into pieces. How could I???????? These are exactly the kind of people I'd condemn to death a million times if I have the power to!!!!! I just betrayed these animals for buying the tickets... I am hating myself right now.

And I thought this week couldn't get any more worse...
1) Mikka got sick last Monday afternoon, she's now taking antibiotics for the first time.
2) Our A/C broke last Wednesday night and it's 100F+ in the afternoon... my poor bebe had to deal with all the heat (We were billed $2400 to replace our old AC unit...)
3) I campaigned a lot about our blood drive at work for this week and I have signed up to donate blood like months ago, only to find out that same day that I can't donate because I started taking antibiotics (stupid asthma!) over the weekend, sigh :o(
4) We found out yesterday that we have mold problems in the master bathroom and the best way to go at this point is to replace the tub area and it's going to cost us more $$$$.
5) I just wasted $100 to pay some idiots to abuse animals!!!!!!!

I really am hating myself right now...


Gracie said...

this is so depressing, Berns! how heartless those men are! *sniff*


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