Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Been A Month Now...

... since my mom and brother left the US to the Philippines. We miss them a lot. Especially my mom who stayed with us for almost a year... and helped us take care of Mikka big time.

Time flies so fast that I didn't realize where the past 30 days have gone. Things have definitely changed in my household - dramatic change but all is good.

To my mom, thanks so much for your sacrifices for me and my family... for having to stay with us for a year and being away from Papsy that long just to be with us. Mikka wouldn't be the bright, healthy baby that she is right now without you.  We love and miss you oh so badly. Hope to see you soon.

To my brother, thanks man for picking up mamsy and coming over. We enjoyed our escapades with you and I can tell how much Mikka enjoys the company of her uncle. She just kept on knocking on your room's door whenever I ask her "Where's Mama Gie and Tito Bong?". I always make sure I show her your pictures so she wouldn't forget. Hope you had a great time with your South East Asian tour. Please send us pictures you took using your new DSLR :o) Please come back and visit us soon. We love and miss you. Ohhh, I just remembered... you didn't get to drive the Benz!!!!! Waaahhhh!!! Di bale, next time dude, you can drive it around the block, hahaha :o)



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