Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At 16 Months...

I know huh??!! I thought she just turned 1 not too long ago, now she's 1 year and 4 months old!! Oh where, oh where has my little baby had gone???? She's a toddler now and growing real fast!

I'm so happy to brag about what she can do :o)

1) Says more than 15 words consistently:
* hi
* book
* dada
* mama
* eyes
* hat
* heart
* shoes
* aaa-choooo
* keys
* Jesus
* ba (for ball, baby, banana)
* fish/fishy-fishy
* moon
* eat
* ilk (milk)
* woof
* mooo
* raawr
* baaa
* go
* ca (car)
* vrooom-vrooom
* papple (apple)

2) She knows her shapes! Ask her what a triangle, square, circle, star, heart, oval is and she'd point them. On top of that, she can put these shapes back in her puzzle mat and her shape sorter toys. I thought it's pretty cool :o)

3) She knows the sounds of different animals! Hahaha, this one I didn't realize she knew as much until last night that while having dinner. We asked her how does a dog sound like.. then she said "ooff, oooofff". Then of course her favorite - the cow and said "mooo, moooo", then the lion (raaawr), then the sheep (baaa), then cat (eeooo, instead of meow, close and almost there)

4) She loves stacking things (blocks, cups, small jars, etc) until it gets too high for her to stack another...

5) She climbs up everywhere like a little monkey...

6) She knows and points at her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheek, chin, elbow, toes, face, fingers, hands, head, tongue, feet... she'd also point at flowers, birds, airplane, car, ceiling, fan if asked where they are. Sooo funny and cute.

7) She likes to scribble as well and with help of her daycare teacher (thanks Ms Terrie) Mikka has a few work of art she brings home from time to time :o) I probably have to post some of them here...

8) She can take off her shirt on her own now.

9) She could put her books back into the shelves (though they're still all over the place, haha)

10) She puts her toys back to where they belong when asked.

Oh gosh, I can go on and on, but I'd be sounding like a stage momma already. Bottomline, she's a very happy, social, friendly baby who says hi (with matching princess wave) to everyone we bump anywhere we go. We're just so proud of our Mikka and I'm sure her lolos and lolas, titos and titas are going to be super proud of her too.



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