Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At 16 Months...

I know huh??!! I thought she just turned 1 not too long ago, now she's 1 year and 4 months old!! Oh where, oh where has my little baby had gone???? She's a toddler now and growing real fast!

I'm so happy to brag about what she can do :o)

1) Says more than 15 words consistently:
* hi
* book
* dada
* mama
* eyes
* hat
* heart
* shoes
* aaa-choooo
* keys
* Jesus
* ba (for ball, baby, banana)
* fish/fishy-fishy
* moon
* eat
* ilk (milk)
* woof
* mooo
* raawr
* baaa
* go
* ca (car)
* vrooom-vrooom
* papple (apple)

2) She knows her shapes! Ask her what a triangle, square, circle, star, heart, oval is and she'd point them. On top of that, she can put these shapes back in her puzzle mat and her shape sorter toys. I thought it's pretty cool :o)

3) She knows the sounds of different animals! Hahaha, this one I didn't realize she knew as much until last night that while having dinner. We asked her how does a dog sound like.. then she said "ooff, oooofff". Then of course her favorite - the cow and said "mooo, moooo", then the lion (raaawr), then the sheep (baaa), then cat (eeooo, instead of meow, close and almost there)

4) She loves stacking things (blocks, cups, small jars, etc) until it gets too high for her to stack another...

5) She climbs up everywhere like a little monkey...

6) She knows and points at her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheek, chin, elbow, toes, face, fingers, hands, head, tongue, feet... she'd also point at flowers, birds, airplane, car, ceiling, fan if asked where they are. Sooo funny and cute.

7) She likes to scribble as well and with help of her daycare teacher (thanks Ms Terrie) Mikka has a few work of art she brings home from time to time :o) I probably have to post some of them here...

8) She can take off her shirt on her own now.

9) She could put her books back into the shelves (though they're still all over the place, haha)

10) She puts her toys back to where they belong when asked.

Oh gosh, I can go on and on, but I'd be sounding like a stage momma already. Bottomline, she's a very happy, social, friendly baby who says hi (with matching princess wave) to everyone we bump anywhere we go. We're just so proud of our Mikka and I'm sure her lolos and lolas, titos and titas are going to be super proud of her too.

Friday, June 18, 2010

On A Positive Note...

1) Somebody got an award at work for being the Store Champion for the quarter (woohooo, cheers to dada!!)
2) Somebody just learned how to take off her own shirt without assistance (woohoo, cheers to bebe!!!)
3) Somebody's happy and thankful for emergency funds (woohoo!!!)
4) Thank God It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Heartbreak!!!

My friend from work told me she got tickets to the circus for her daughter and was able to convince me to go take Mikka to the circus as well.

I got really excited that I ended up purchasing seats for my family. I'm so positive Mikka's going to enjoy it cuz she only sees elephants, tigers, horses etc from books, so it would be fun to see how she'd react when she sees them on the flesh.

But of course, I didn't get contented from just buying the tickets, I have to look for more information about the circus itself. I should have done this before I got the tickets (I know!!!!!), but the eager beaver in me prevailed, now I'm in a major heartbreak!


I saw this horrible video AFTER I purchased the tickets and my heart broke into pieces. How could I???????? These are exactly the kind of people I'd condemn to death a million times if I have the power to!!!!! I just betrayed these animals for buying the tickets... I am hating myself right now.

And I thought this week couldn't get any more worse...
1) Mikka got sick last Monday afternoon, she's now taking antibiotics for the first time.
2) Our A/C broke last Wednesday night and it's 100F+ in the afternoon... my poor bebe had to deal with all the heat (We were billed $2400 to replace our old AC unit...)
3) I campaigned a lot about our blood drive at work for this week and I have signed up to donate blood like months ago, only to find out that same day that I can't donate because I started taking antibiotics (stupid asthma!) over the weekend, sigh :o(
4) We found out yesterday that we have mold problems in the master bathroom and the best way to go at this point is to replace the tub area and it's going to cost us more $$$$.
5) I just wasted $100 to pay some idiots to abuse animals!!!!!!!

I really am hating myself right now...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Depth Drilled by Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig

I couldn't help but share this interesting visual information on how deep BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig dug before the "oilpocalypse"...

Oh, I thought that Fangtooth fish (just before 15,000 feet below sea level) looks oddly familiar... until my husband told me that it's that fish from Nemo at the scene when Marlin and Dory found themselves drawn to this tiny flicker of light only to realize it's a trap from this Fangtooth thingie...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Been A Month Now...

... since my mom and brother left the US to the Philippines. We miss them a lot. Especially my mom who stayed with us for almost a year... and helped us take care of Mikka big time.

Time flies so fast that I didn't realize where the past 30 days have gone. Things have definitely changed in my household - dramatic change but all is good.

To my mom, thanks so much for your sacrifices for me and my family... for having to stay with us for a year and being away from Papsy that long just to be with us. Mikka wouldn't be the bright, healthy baby that she is right now without you.  We love and miss you oh so badly. Hope to see you soon.

To my brother, thanks man for picking up mamsy and coming over. We enjoyed our escapades with you and I can tell how much Mikka enjoys the company of her uncle. She just kept on knocking on your room's door whenever I ask her "Where's Mama Gie and Tito Bong?". I always make sure I show her your pictures so she wouldn't forget. Hope you had a great time with your South East Asian tour. Please send us pictures you took using your new DSLR :o) Please come back and visit us soon. We love and miss you. Ohhh, I just remembered... you didn't get to drive the Benz!!!!! Waaahhhh!!! Di bale, next time dude, you can drive it around the block, hahaha :o)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mikka's Aloha Hello Kitty 1st Bday Party

This post had been sitting in my drafts folder for the past 4 weeks so some may no longer be time-appropriate so please bear with me.

This was written when my mom was still here and my brother just flew from Manila to the US a few  weeks back. Now they're both back in the Philippines but my brother's out and about for another 2 week out- of-the-country trip (gosh, my brother travels a lot but it's good because he deserves every bit of "me time" these days)

Missing them both, but that of course requires a separate blog post... heee...

To my dear ones who have been waiting for the pictures, I'd post some of them here. I don't post pictures in FB as I used to just because I realized even if you set your album accessible to "friends only", other people could still see them. Not sure but I'm guessing it's some FB bug. However I'd be sending a link to the rest of the pictures to you guys, just give me a holler if I missed you in my list.

Yay, I finally got a chance to blog about Anikka's birthday party here in AZ!

We just came back from Vegas over the weekend since my brother flew from the Philippines, we took him for a short trip to the Sin City, drove to Grand Canyon and swing by Sedona before heading back home (all in 3 days!). It was one of the most exhausting out of town trips I've ever had! I think I didn't want to go out of town anytime soon, haha!

I have lotsa pics in my camera that are piling up and I haven't even blogged about Mikka's first bday party celebration here in AZ... oh maaaan....

Anyhoo, March 21st, almost about a month after her first birthday (Feb 23), we celebrate this exciting milestone of hers (and ours too) here in AZ. Her "Aloha Hello Kitty" party was held in an  open park (Playtopia ainTumbleweed Park) to take advantage of the gorgeous AZ weather in spring :o)

We chose Aloha Hello Kitty for her theme. First, it's cute and not too common, second, it's the only cartoon character I get my husband to agree on since HK is Japanese plus adding Hawaiian touch makes it more dear to hubby. 

Cute as it may sound but it definitely was not an easy theme to gather so I had to improvise a bit. Since we just came back from Hawaii at the time of her party, most of the favors I got while we were there. I also had to just mix and match Hello Kitty themes with Hawaiian themes, so I guess, it turned out pretty ok. I just had to invest a lot of time researching where to get the supplies. Other than that, we had a lot of fun preparing for her party!

It was just a simple party with some good friends and good food...

We rented 3 ramadas closest to the playground so the kids wouldn't have to go far. Hubby came in late though because he had to run to grab some more stuff from Costco. Took about an hour before he came back and the party already started. He missed some games but heck, what to do? We didn't have anybody else to help us unlike in the Philippines where you could hire someone to help you with all your events needs so all you gotta do is sit back, relax, mingle with guests. It was definitely an experience and an event to remember for us regardless :o)

Anyways, thanks so much to all those who came and made the celebration a blast - families and good friends, every single soul who took their time to join us, can't thank you enough! Special mention to Tobi, our balloon artist and face painter, Sonya who helped me host the party, Clive Vanrensburg our photographer, Ate Leeza for cooking the food, Bravo family for always there for us from the very beginning our our journey as a couple, the Crandalls for helping us entertain Mikka while we run around to check on the guests etc, the Yabuts for always helping us with valuable party suggestions , we found our cakemaker, Tasha, because of Ice, thanks so much sis plus the idea of Hello Kitty as Mikka's theme saved us a lot from knocking our heads to find out which theme to use...  and of course, every single soul who came and even those who didn't make it, thanks sooo much from the bottom of our hearts!!!

So 'nuf of the talk... here are some pictures we'd like to share (at long last!!!).

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