Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mikka's Favorite Books

You can tell right away by looking at the books' condition if the kiddo likes it or not - if it's all beaten (and bitten) up that it almost look like it's not going to withstand another flip, then yeah, it's one of her most favorite books to "read" and play at.

Good thing that she outgrew this biting thing about 3 weeks ago since she started daycare. Now, she still flips through different books however, these are the ones she would choose and would "ask" me or her dad to read to her.  By her asking I meant, she'd be taking the book  and give it to either me or her dad and would automatically sit on my lap or her dad's. Reading once is not enough though, we had to read about 3 times. I dunno what's up with these books but apparently, she likes them so far at this stage.

I thought I want to share this as I really think it's interesting to see her transition from just biting and flipping books to actually showing interest into listening and reading them. Amazing these kids these days!!!

Leslie Patricelli's "The Birthday Box" never fails to make my Mikka giggle everytime :o) 


justme said...

hello - i hope you won't find this weird. i am a mommy myself (my daughter is 4 months old) and happen to have stumbled on your blog. i'm just wondering if you can let me know where to buy the perimeter fence and walker-toy that is in your video "Run Mikka Run". i'm planning on getting these for my daughter. thank you!

Crinklynose said...

hi. i got the activity station from, here's the link:

they should have the playpen in amazon as well. here's the link:

hope this helps.

justme said...

thank you so much! i really appreciate it!


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