Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh iMac!!!

Now comes in 27"... with better graphics option, and faster CPU (drool galore)!!

The spoiled brat wifey in me insists that I need an upgrade since my 3 y/o +++ 24" 2nd generation Intel iMac is getting slower everytime I go to with all the new iMacs and Pro's they have in there. But the mom in me says, the money you could be spending on that could be put in better use if I add it to Mikka's college fund instead...

Maaaaan, I soooo missed Intel (oops, did I say that out loud???). Nothing to do with Apple, just working with processors seen on the best PC's and Macs out there (sorry friends and loved ones working at AMD, your chips just don't measure, ha! I know you know it, haha! In all fairness, kudos to AMD's ATI Radeon though, heee, *wink*)

And oh, Steve Jobs, why oh why do you always put me in this same predicament every year???? Not just with your iMacs, but also with your iPhone!!!! I'm actually beginning to hate you these days... ha!



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