Monday, September 14, 2009

Run Mikka Run!!!!

Look who's having fun trying to circle around the walker... was talking about me :o)

Mikka just turned 6 months here. Funny how she seems to enjoy her "independence" while on it. Though I only leave her there for a short time because I believe that walkers don't really encourage kids to "walk".


popcorn said...

I like Mikka's walker, pwede mong iwanan sandali because she's just going to be there in one location. Hindi delikadong umabot sa hagdanan.

QT said...

ang bilis ni mikka ah!!! go girl!

i wish i can convince tantan to buy cayden a walker.

Crinklynose said...

hi jean!!! i know... exactly sis kung bakit we chose that walker. cuz she's already in the stage na di pwede iwan sa playpen kasi she's cruising around na tas parating natutumba. so mas safe at pwede syang iwan with this walker kahit sandali lang :o) how's pregnancy coming along?

hello che!!!! oh, don't worry about the walker... i don't think it helps babies to walk kasi these kinda walker doesn't let them carry their own weight. yung push-type walkers usually are better what mikka has kaso ang drawback is they're too dangerous baka makarating sa hagdan and mahulog, mahirap na. so kelangan talga bantay galore sa baby pag ganun. i personally think yung ginagawa nyo kay cayden to exercise his legs is already ok :o) at least for now since you have your mom and pwede kayong mag-take turns to watch over cayden, hehehee. si mama ko kasi sya lang naiiwan mag-isa when i go to work kaya the walker mikka has now helps to free her up a bit :o) hugs to cutiepie cayden :o)

Gracie said...

ang cute ni Mikka dito! and i love the walker...i think my little boy will like it kaso syempre wala nyan dito. Exersaucer lang ang meron. i'd like to get my hands on those walking wings. needs adult assistance pero parang mas helpful for the child to walk.


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