Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Other Kiddo

It's been ages since I blogged about the "other" kiddos in my life - my 4 legged-waggly-tailed Skye and Chewy.

Yes, of course, they're still very much a part of our growing family. I actually consider myself a mom of 3 now :o) Very very tough if you ask me... ha!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd like to share some pictures of Skye when she was being bathed on what's called "Booster Bath". It's kinda like an elevated bath-tub so washing them is not as daunting especially when my back starts to hurt. Giving a bath to 2 above-average-sized doggies (well, Chewy is beyond above average size... he's 120 lbs for crying out loud!!!) is not an easy feat, so when I saw this product online, I knew I gotta get one.

We had this for 3 months already and I have no regrets having this. It's not too difficult to lure Skye into hopping in this thing... however, it's the total opposite for Chewy, exactly why there's no pic of him in here. I had to push his big butt to get in there but I usually end up having to wash him the "old-fashioned" way :o(

Oh boy...

In case you have big dogs like my Skye and Chewy and you want to save your back from the excruciating pain from bending, try this Booster Bath thingie. I like it.


Smither Reens said...

aww i missed your 2 other babies, its good to see them again! love the idea of a booster bath., will keep that in mind when i get a dog next time! :)


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