Monday, August 10, 2009

Milestones Galore!!!!!

Oh gosh, I can't even think where to begin... lotsa stuff going on (work and being a mom).... kept me busy and got this blog sent on the back burner..

Anyways, I'm just sooo excited to share that Mikka had reached a few developmental milestones for the past 2 weeks!!!

First, we finally introduced her first solid food at 5 months & 1 week. I got her a box of baby rice cereals from Wholefoods. She did pretty well, I'd post the video maybe in my next entry :o) As of this writing, we already made her try some boiled potatoes, haha!

Next, since she's been scooting for quite sometime now, imagine our excitement when from all 4's she was able to sit on her own and she could last for a good 30 mins sitting without being propped (no assistance at all!!!).

The other thing that happened as well was she finally started crawling!!! Hay, super fast and I think we're going to need a lot of energy to run after her... oh goodness!!!

Anyways, will post pics and video clips soon. Just that I gotta write them so I wouldn't have to forget the details, heheheee :o)


Gracie said...

bilis ng panahon, Berns! gaing ni ayan, papagurin na nya talaga kayo ngayon :)

popcorn said...

Hi Berns,

What made you decide to start her on solids na ?



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