Monday, August 24, 2009

Dancing Bebe!!

It's Mikka's 6th month birthday today!! We decided to celebrate in Cheesecake factory because we didn't get to buy groceries to cook for her 6th month.

Oh goodness, Mikka's sooooo funny here. For some reason, she began to absorb everything she sees/hears like a sponge! When we asked her to dance, she indeed danced!! Hahaha, it's sooo funny. I'd prolly take more vids this week and share them!''

She's getting really active - A LOT!!!

Anyways, I'm super sleepy now as I type this.... so pardon me if this lacks some coherence at all :o) Checkout her video here.

Also, just fyi. Whenever I update new videos in Viddler, the vidget in my blog gets updated as well, so you can just go ahead and check that area in my blog so you'd see Mikka's latest uploaded clips :o)


Gracie said...

wow, pang-Dancing with the Stars si Mikka. wait lang si Mommy pag nakakatayo ka na. so adorable little girl :)

gracious said...

Cute ni Mikka with her red hair clip :) I showed this to Jay - cute daw :) And he said Hi. :)


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