Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anikka at 5 months!

I used to cringe everytime I see parents having to celebrate their baby's monthly birthdays (meaning, getting him/her a cake, cook tonsa food, kinda like a real birthday celebration). I thought it's a bit too much, kinda like spoiling the baby at an early age. Of course, that was before I had my own baby... ha!

Now, I thought every month is a milestone for my baby so therefore it calls for a simple "thanksgiving" for me and my immediate family. Since mamsy came here to stay with us from the Philippines, we started our own mini-celebration as well. Nothing fancy but we always make sure we cook something noodly (for long life) everytime.

So, for my bebe's 5th, here are some pics we took of her. She's getting bigger and more active (Thank You Jesus). She's catching up on her growth chart that she can now fit into 6-9 months size clothing. She can also "stand" in all fours now, getting ready to creep.

To our Anikka, Mikka, Aniks, Ikang (sounds ugly but this is how her grandpa lovingly calls his "apo"), happy happy happy 5th month to you sweetie!!!!


gracious said...

Happy 5th month, Anikka :) You have a cute hat :)
We're hoping we'll have a baby na rin next year :)

Smither Reens said...

A happy fifth month to Anikka!(and i guess happy 5th month to you to, as a mom?hehe) You really should celebrate her month growths, raising a child is no small feat, everyday is a miracle!
Im glad your mom is with you to share in these joys--priceless!


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