Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saying Sorry with Flowers

The other day, my mom and I had a small misunderstanding. I was uber tired the whole weekend because I had to work and I haven't had enough sleep. Plus I feel miserable that I'm not spending that much time with Mikka anymore. In short, a small glitch, could make me snap like a lightning!

So much so when Mikka's in her highchair and started fussing and my mom wanted to pick her up (she's soooo against everything that's strapped on her granddaughter... high chair, car seat, etc etc because she feels like the baby can't move freely) while I was heating up Mikka's bottle. My mom inadvertently uttered these words "Ayyy, kawawa naman ang baby at ginapos na naman anoh? Alisin ko na lang sya dito sa high chair kasi sobrang pinapawisan na... blah blah blah..."


I know my mom meant everything good for Mikka. However, hubby and I already discussed it with her that she cannot keep on picking her up everytime she cries because she'd get used to it. She might end up being one of those spoiled rotten kids!! I don't want that. If Mikka is not hungry and has clean diapers or not sleepy, there's technically no reason for the kiddo to cry. So we're ok into letting her cry a bit then afterwhich pick her up. Kids are smart you know. They just know your weaknesses so you have to pay attention to the different types of cries you hear from them.

Anyways, when my mom blurted out that she wanted to pick Mikka up, I just lost it!! So in a high toned voice I told her - "Ma, edi pick-up nyo. Tutal wala naman akong panalo sa inyo e. Lahat na lang kayo ang nasusunod"...

I totally forgot I have the most sensitive mom in the whole wide world.

Soooooo, I knew when she left the kitchen and went to her room, I had to apologize. It took me a few minutes to get the courage to say sorry. It was not easy but I know I have to do it because I have no excuse raising my voice to my mom.

I came in and she was sobbing. I said sorry however, it felt like saying sorry is just not enough. She gave me the silent treatment...

I knew I had to go outside to kinda cool it off a bit. That night I decided to go to Wholefoods market because I needed to get Mikka her diaper balm. When I got there I saw the different bouquets of flowers by the entrance and I knew I gotta get my mom one of those. So I did.

When I came back home, I immediately went to her room, I gave her the flowers and some chocolates, hugged her and I told her that I was terribly sorry...

Then she started smiling..... whew!!!!

Saying sorry is the hardest thing ever... so saying so with flowers helps :o)


Gracie said...

it's really tough when two generations are not seeing eye to eye, but i am proud of you, Berns, for being humble and saying sorry to your Mom sincerely.

flowerdrumsong said...

awwwwww... so glad you patched things up with your mom... take care now! ;)


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