Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lookie Mommy, I can sit!!!

Mikka's sooo funny she started to pull her upper body to sit, haha :o) I first noticed it when I was carrying her and she can't seem to stay put. Then she pulled her body so my arm no longer supported her back.

She has new "tricks" everyday and I can't keep up with her progress that I can't seem to get done uploading the vids...

Here's the video of her trying to sit up :o)


QT said...

yey! galing galing na ni annika =D. kaka excite. next, mag crawl na yan

Crinklynose said...

hi che! hehee, kakatuwa nga e. ganun pala talga, any little thing kids learn e parang big deal sa mga mommies :o)

heehee, anikka's beginning to learn how to scout and crawl. kaloka na talga ang batang to.

si baby g, lapit na rin yan.. mas maunang na develop ang motor skills ng mga boys e :o)


darly said...

its really important for us mommies to document yung mga baby's firsts talaga. Kakatuwa.

Happy Father's Day to your hubby!!

God bless u more.

Gracie said...

galing! nakakatuwa little munchkin mo!

popcorn said...

Ang galing ah, and it's nakakatuwa how she would try whenever you cue her. Marunong nang umintindi :)

flowerdrumsong said...

wow, anikka is sooooo strong for her age! very cute!!! :)


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