Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking my mind away from it all...

If you are my friend in Facebook, you'd prolly be aware of what's going on. Too much to take for me in a day so I ended up doing what makes me enter into my own "zone"- tinkering with my computer and looking for some cool stuff I can do with it.

In the process, I thought I'd install Apple's Quartz Composer so I'd learn something new plus it feeds my hungry brain for anything 3D...

After reading a few tutorials, I ended up bumping into this uber cool screensaver, heheheee. Too bad it costs $15 to install so for now I'll just savor admiring it's animation. I am not really into fancy but useless screensavers because it just slows down my system. However, to me, clocks/calendars are exemptions because they're very functional.

Oh well, hope you'd like this as well... soooo cool cool cool.



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