Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mom's Coming Here!!!

She's flying tomorrow and will be in Texas for the whole week. Then I'll go pick her up in Houston next week then we'd fly here in AZ together!! Woooohooo!!

I pray that they all have a safe flight. She's flying with my brother-in-law's parents so at least her first long flight wouldn't be as nerve-wracking than when she's flying alone. It's going to be her first time here in the US so I'm praying soooo hard that there wouldn't be any problems in the immigration.

Haaaay, my baby would finally be able to meet her lola!!! :o) Thank you po God for the many blessings.


popcorn said...

Have fun!

Gracie said...

i'm sure she'll do just fine sa immigration. Houston is a great first port of entry :)
have a funtabulous time with your Mom. i'm sure she & your baby will have a grand time together, too.


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