Monday, April 6, 2009


Springtime in AZ is almost like summer in some other states. Temperature ranges from 60's to high 80's sometimes 90's in the afternoon.

So with the current weather, I have to update my bebe's wardrobe (whoah, wardrobe daw oh, hahaa!). I just can't help but get little things here and there whenever I get to go out and before I realize it, she got more than just a few.

I'm sure she's going to outgrow all these clothes by the end of summer... but they're really uber cute... I can't resist!!! It's not too bad though cuz none of these costs over $8.00, heeee :o)

Some of these summer clothes were given to Mikka by her tita Ice and ate Audi... thanks again sis!!!

Haven't taken new pictures of the little kiddo. She developed some rashes on her face they call "cradle cap". I feel sooo bad, I really hope she'd clear up with her new hair and body shampoo and that calendula cream I got for her.... bummer...


Ma Florinda said...

Hi ate lotlot!

ang cutie ng mga dresses. really really like it. send some pics of mikka wearing those clothes ha :)

miss you! mwah!

Crinklynose said...

thanks florskie!!!!

sure thing dearie, will send pics once i get them uploaded :o) kakatuwa mga little gals noh? katuwa mag dress-up :o)

miss u too... will email u in a bit.. mwah!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
ang cute ng dresses ni Mikka! yan ang nakaka-inggit with little girls eh...sarap to dress them up. nice picks, by the way...and real bargain!

marie said...

hi!! fellow w@w baby whos 2mos now had that too on her 3rd and 4thwk...i swear by mustela, now kinis na nya after a week of using it :)

-marie :)

aslee said...

ang CUTE ng mga clothes!!! kainggit! gusto ko narin ng baby girl!!! :D


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