Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Dinkydoo Turned 2!!!

Happy 2 months sweetcakes!


Gracie said...

happy 2nd month, Mikka!
carbon copy ka talaga ni Mommy! :)

popcorn said...

Happy 2nd month, Anikka!

Hubby just passed by while I was looking at the pictures, natuwa siya, ang girlie raw ni Anikka :)

ruther said...

oist.. di lang ako madalas leave ng comment even sa chatbox but i always visit naman whenever I am at work. i try not be online as much as possible kasi when I am at home. wanna play na lang with my little one.

anyhoo, i moved na from blogger to wordpress flatform. :)

aslee said...

she's so cute! mukhang little doll :D

QT said...

cute cute baby!!!!! i wanna squish you!!! mwah!! happy 2nd month darling annika =D

Crinklynose said...

hello gals!!!

naku, maraming salamat, hahaa. she's really a handful and nakakatuwa bihisan :o)

sorry took me forever to reply to your messages, i've been busy editing some video, but now that it's done, i could catch up with you gals again... heheee..

take care!!

much hugs!!!


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