Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome, Bundle of Joy!

So I was MIA from my blog for quite sometime now. Most of my blogger friends must have guessed that I already gave birth. Yep, that's right. I did :o) On Feb 23, at 8:11am, we were blessed with this bundle of joy - 5 lbs 12 oz, 18" long. Welcome to our lives, Anikka Marishi Goya :o)

my bundle of joy all bundled up

with daddy on the way to the nursery

with my sister annie who flew from texas to be with us

5 day old bebe

10 day old bebe with tonsa hair like her dad. good thing they're going to shed later on as what the dr said.. hopefully so, or else kawawa si bebe, hahaha :o)


Ann said...

wow so balbon ... katulad din ni Janna ... pero mas grabe pagkabalbon ng baby mo hihihi.

Congrats Bern, welcome to mommyhood and zombieville. Hope you breastfed Anika ha ...

And congrats to your hubby as well hehehe ...

Gracie said...

congratulations to you & John! i've been checking out your blog everyday to see if you've given birth already. hooray! Anikka's so pretty! :)

QT said...

congratulations sis!!! sabi na nga e, you've given birth! finally, pretty anika made an appearance. im sure you have your hands full. take care, hon!

popcorn said...


gracious said...

Congratulations, Berns :)
Anikka is a cutie...

Crinklynose said...

thanks soooo much gals!!!!

we weren't expecting that i would be giving birth that day. i went to the hospital for my regular checkup/ultrasound. then my blood pressure came shooting up all over the place and the docs were all concerned. they admitted me to monitor my bp. since it didn't get better and since i'm already at my 38th week, they assessed there's more risk for the baby staying inside me with my high bp than having to deliver her 2 weeks short.

so there, wala akong baon na hospital bag or anything and i had to call hubby to come over the hospital and talked about the proposed c-section. i was crying sooo hard kasi nga i wasn't ready, di pa ako nakakaligo.

so in short, i didn't go through any labor pains at all. hubby and i decided to agree with the c-section just a few hours before they scheduled me for the procedure. kaiyak talga.

anyways, too long of a kwento. i'd prolly post a separate kwento for this.

anyways, at least we have our mikka now, heheheee. although, kaloka pala maging mommy ha??? ang hirap.. heheheee :o)

take care u gals.

berns and mikka

aslee said...

hey dearie, congratulations! ang cutie ng baby and ang balbon! :D enjoy motherhood! :)


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