Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hiccups & Toot

Isn't it amazing how little things like hiccups and toot could make the day of newbie parents like me and hubby? My sister took this video of Mikka hiccuping and tooting :o) It's too funny not to post here.


QT said...

berns, she's adorable!! parang ang bait bait nya and well behaved. ung ibang bata magwawala na kahit hiccups lang. i wish my boy will be as angelic as yours *lol*

Surfergirl said...

agree with che, she's so angelic and behaved :) cute ng hiccups!!

Gracie said...

very cute baby, berns! hubby & i enjoyed watching her video. so adorable! and yes, angelic nga ang bebe mo. she's not mindful of her hiccups. parang it's the most ordinary thing in the world to do :)

Crinklynose said...

hi gals! naku super thanks!! yeah, she's my angel but she's also my little monster all together, hahaha :o) this is just one of those good days that she's not cranky, haha :o)


che, gracie, can't wait for your little ones to come as well :o)



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