Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy 1 month!!!!

Happy 1 month to my cutie patootie!!!

Took this picture just before we went to see the Dr for her 1 month wellness checkup. She's getting bigger by the second.

She also got her first vaccine (HepB). 'Twas supposed to be given in the hospital right after she was born but I waived it. I thought I'd wait until she's about a month old before starting her dose of vaccines. She cried big time and it was her first cry with actual tears. Oh man, my heart broke.


Gracie said...

ang cute ng get up ni Anikka! :) she looks a lot like you, Berns.
happy 1 month birthday, sweetie!

Crinklynose said...

heee, thanks dearie!! kikayness noh? hahaha, walang magawa ang mommy nya e, kaya ayan, napag laruan, hehehee :o)

Surfergirl said...

berns im loving her outfits!! 1 month old palang trendsetter na ;)

QT said...

o my god! such a sweetheart berns! naiimagine ko na how many boys this little lady will send home crying to their mommies *lol*. love the head band =D

patawarin kaya ako ng anak ko pag ginanyan ko sya? hahaha

flowerdrumsong said...

geepers - so fashion forward this little girl! :) soooooo cute!!!

popcorn said...

Such a kikay girl :)


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