Friday, November 27, 2009

What's in the Box???

Got a package addressed to me...

I wonder what could it be?

The address didn't seem to be familiar at all...

Think think think as I try to recall...

As I opened it, I thought I saw a familiar face...

Wooohooo, it's Mickey and the rest of the gang from Disney!!! :o)
Yes, ladies and gentlemen... 3 parkhopper tickets to Disneyland Resort! Disney World wouldn't be until Mikka's old enough to remember and enjoy... for now, it's more for mommy and grams to the much much closer Disneyland Resort and California Adventure! Wooohoooo!!!

It's gonna be Mikka's first out-of-state roadtrip! Yeah!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And She Turned 9 (months)!!!

Such a wonderful blessing it is to be given the best 9 months of our lives...

She can now stand without having to hold on to anything, had her first 2 steps, can eat cookie crumbs on her own and the best of all, can melt our hearts with her slobbery kisses :o)

Thank God for a happy, healthy Mikka.

Happy 9th month my knuffle bunny!!!! We love you as much as the distance from the earth to the sun! Oh wait... a gazillion waaaaaay more than that :o)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Standing Up on Her Own

As of this writing, she can now stand for longer periods and had attempted to take her first step. Awww... my baby getting a bit more independent...

Baby Girl Items for Sale

Yes, my little bebe is growing super fast and I'm still in denial.

Today, hubby and I decided we'd let go of some of Mikka's old stuff and sell them. As I checked them one by one, I reminisced the first few months I was home with her full time. Like a flashback running through in front of me.

Not too long ago, she's this teeny weeny 5lb & 11oz baby who'd cry her lungs out every 30 mins because she's hungry.

I can't seem to grasp where all the 8+ months had gone...

She's outgrown most of these guys now so it's time for them to find a new home... though I'm really sad :o( Feels like a part of her "babyhood" would go along with these guys. Can someone tell me if this is just normal for a mom to feel this way?

Anyhoo, if you think you need/want any of these items please feel free to contact me via email ( Thanks!

Mutating Onions in my Kitchen!!!

Don't ask me, I dunno what's going on. It seems like these onions are too impatient to be cooked/used so they decide they want to get comfy and "grow" themselves. My mom ended up planting them anyways. So hopefully, they'd like the feel of their new home and grow healthy so we have our own supply fresh from our backyard :o)

All I Want For Christmas.....

anikka at 8 months with her upper front teeth almost out my two front teeth,
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth!

Gee, if I could only
have my two front teeth,
then I could wish you
"Merry Christmas."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh iMac!!!

Now comes in 27"... with better graphics option, and faster CPU (drool galore)!!

The spoiled brat wifey in me insists that I need an upgrade since my 3 y/o +++ 24" 2nd generation Intel iMac is getting slower everytime I go to with all the new iMacs and Pro's they have in there. But the mom in me says, the money you could be spending on that could be put in better use if I add it to Mikka's college fund instead...

Maaaaan, I soooo missed Intel (oops, did I say that out loud???). Nothing to do with Apple, just working with processors seen on the best PC's and Macs out there (sorry friends and loved ones working at AMD, your chips just don't measure, ha! I know you know it, haha! In all fairness, kudos to AMD's ATI Radeon though, heee, *wink*)

And oh, Steve Jobs, why oh why do you always put me in this same predicament every year???? Not just with your iMacs, but also with your iPhone!!!! I'm actually beginning to hate you these days... ha!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to the Christian faith Anikka Marishi!

We got lucky since that night, Mikka's the only baby to be baptized, so, we had the whole church for us :o) Thank goodness nakaraos din :o)

It was a very intimate affair for us. Only close family and loved ones were with us, thus making the ceremony more memorable.

Just simple gathering with good food and people dear to our hearts were there with less than 30 friends at the reception followed the day after.

Anyhoo, welcome to the Christian world sweetheart!

More ceremony pics:

Slideshow at the reception:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Run Mikka Run!!!!

Look who's having fun trying to circle around the walker... was talking about me :o)

Mikka just turned 6 months here. Funny how she seems to enjoy her "independence" while on it. Though I only leave her there for a short time because I believe that walkers don't really encourage kids to "walk".

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monkey with a tooth...

Have anyone seen one? I just did! Heeheeeee :o)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing My Bed...

It's been 2 months now that I haven't been sleeping on the soft comfy bed in our bedroom...

It's because since the kiddo started rolling and flipping over, we moved her to her bigger crib in her room and let go of her co-sleeper attached to our bed. And with that, I am not too comfy leaving her alone in her bedroom. Sooo scared of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) that I wake up every so often in the middle of the night just to check on her. I would usually re-position her because she likes sleeping on her tummy...

Sooo, there... this is where I crash at the end of a long day. I just used an old sleeping bag with and old quilt to make it a bit comfy. So pretty much I haven't had any decent sleep at all for the past 2 months.

Oh mommyhood :o)

Dancing Bebe!!

It's Mikka's 6th month birthday today!! We decided to celebrate in Cheesecake factory because we didn't get to buy groceries to cook for her 6th month.

Oh goodness, Mikka's sooooo funny here. For some reason, she began to absorb everything she sees/hears like a sponge! When we asked her to dance, she indeed danced!! Hahaha, it's sooo funny. I'd prolly take more vids this week and share them!''

She's getting really active - A LOT!!!

Anyways, I'm super sleepy now as I type this.... so pardon me if this lacks some coherence at all :o) Checkout her video here.

Also, just fyi. Whenever I update new videos in Viddler, the vidget in my blog gets updated as well, so you can just go ahead and check that area in my blog so you'd see Mikka's latest uploaded clips :o)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Other Kiddo

It's been ages since I blogged about the "other" kiddos in my life - my 4 legged-waggly-tailed Skye and Chewy.

Yes, of course, they're still very much a part of our growing family. I actually consider myself a mom of 3 now :o) Very very tough if you ask me... ha!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd like to share some pictures of Skye when she was being bathed on what's called "Booster Bath". It's kinda like an elevated bath-tub so washing them is not as daunting especially when my back starts to hurt. Giving a bath to 2 above-average-sized doggies (well, Chewy is beyond above average size... he's 120 lbs for crying out loud!!!) is not an easy feat, so when I saw this product online, I knew I gotta get one.

We had this for 3 months already and I have no regrets having this. It's not too difficult to lure Skye into hopping in this thing... however, it's the total opposite for Chewy, exactly why there's no pic of him in here. I had to push his big butt to get in there but I usually end up having to wash him the "old-fashioned" way :o(

Oh boy...

In case you have big dogs like my Skye and Chewy and you want to save your back from the excruciating pain from bending, try this Booster Bath thingie. I like it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Milestones Galore!!!!!

Oh gosh, I can't even think where to begin... lotsa stuff going on (work and being a mom).... kept me busy and got this blog sent on the back burner..

Anyways, I'm just sooo excited to share that Mikka had reached a few developmental milestones for the past 2 weeks!!!

First, we finally introduced her first solid food at 5 months & 1 week. I got her a box of baby rice cereals from Wholefoods. She did pretty well, I'd post the video maybe in my next entry :o) As of this writing, we already made her try some boiled potatoes, haha!

Next, since she's been scooting for quite sometime now, imagine our excitement when from all 4's she was able to sit on her own and she could last for a good 30 mins sitting without being propped (no assistance at all!!!).

The other thing that happened as well was she finally started crawling!!! Hay, super fast and I think we're going to need a lot of energy to run after her... oh goodness!!!

Anyways, will post pics and video clips soon. Just that I gotta write them so I wouldn't have to forget the details, heheheee :o)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

B-day Tantrums & LQ with Hubby

Firstly, I wanted to thank every single soul who remembered, greeted, texted, emailed, dropped messages on my fb wall - thank you all sooooo much!! Special thanks to my sister who baked me some crinkles even if I just got the pictures of 'em :o) and to my friends at work & old colleagues, who paid for my lunch at Famous Dave's - thanks again!!!! It was nice to hangout with them after sooo long :o)

Anyways, I had a good birthday yesterday. I'm old but came with the age are tons of blessings to be thankful of. I don't have the right to complain at all.

That being said, you might be asking, sooo what's up with the title of my post then???


I didn't want to blog about this however, I just needed some outlet to release a bit of my heartache (ha, sounds serious, huh?).

LQ, btw, means Lovers Quarrel (I'm not sure if it's coined from the Phils, but most Filipinos do understand when we say LQ).

Anyways, so, we (with hubby, mamsy, baby) went to Claim Jumper in Tempe for dinner last night. It wasn't too crowded when we got there so when the hostess seated us on a 4-chair table, I asked her if she could find us a booth instead (much easier if you have a baby in a car seat in tow). So she agreed and told me she'd find one for us. After a few minutes, she came back and seated us somewhere at the back. I think that section of the restaurant wasn't open that time so we're the only "diners" in that area.

I wasn't too happy, firstly because the A/C wasn't working in that area so it was dang warm. Secondly, when I asked my darling hubby if he could ask for us to be seated somewhere else, I was discombobulated when he said - "It's ok, it's not that bad.. we might end up having to wait longer if we ask them to find us another booth".

I admit, usually have a very short fuse, so after hearing him say that, I felt that my blood went up high to my head. It already irritated me when the hostess seated us in a sub par area. But what irritated me the most was that my hubby - the father of my baby, my supposed-to-be-knight-in-shining-armor, the defender of my tiny universe-- just accepted the fact that we were short-changed!!!!! Grrrr.

I soooo hate it when people just let things happen to them and not do anything to get the situation fixed. Grrrrr.

That time, I knew it's all up to me so I got up and talked to one of the crews and asked them if they could find us a decent table. Goodness, how hard was that???? In less than a few minutes, the manager came to our table, found us another booth, apologized and got things going!!!!!

Now why do I have to be the one to do that???? Isn't that supposed to be a guy's thing????? Am I expecting too much from my husband???? Am I over-reacting????!!!!!

So during the entire evening, I didn't speak a word to my husband. Ignore galore!!!!!! I might have went too far but he didn't even bother asking me what's wrong, so.. whatever! I went early to bed last night, so even up this morning, we haven't really spoken. I didn't prep his breakfast and lunch, so I'm guessing he's getting the picture that we're not in "good" terms at this very moment.

I'm sure he's clueless as to what he's done why I'm acting like this. Not too surprising cuz guys are always clueless anyways when it comes to reading us gals.

Oh well... what a day!!!

PS: On a not-so-frustrating note... before we left the restaurant, the manager, came to us again and apologized. He gave us a 6-layer slice of their infamous Motherload Chocolate Cake as a token of them being sorry for what had happened. I think it was hubby who talked to the manager before we left and demanded for further apology so he came by and personally apologized to me. He doesn't have to, but I appreciated the gesture.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anikka at 5 months!

I used to cringe everytime I see parents having to celebrate their baby's monthly birthdays (meaning, getting him/her a cake, cook tonsa food, kinda like a real birthday celebration). I thought it's a bit too much, kinda like spoiling the baby at an early age. Of course, that was before I had my own baby... ha!

Now, I thought every month is a milestone for my baby so therefore it calls for a simple "thanksgiving" for me and my immediate family. Since mamsy came here to stay with us from the Philippines, we started our own mini-celebration as well. Nothing fancy but we always make sure we cook something noodly (for long life) everytime.

So, for my bebe's 5th, here are some pics we took of her. She's getting bigger and more active (Thank You Jesus). She's catching up on her growth chart that she can now fit into 6-9 months size clothing. She can also "stand" in all fours now, getting ready to creep.

To our Anikka, Mikka, Aniks, Ikang (sounds ugly but this is how her grandpa lovingly calls his "apo"), happy happy happy 5th month to you sweetie!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Separation Anxiety & Jealousy...

Last 4th of July, a good friend of ours invited us over for dinner. With me came the entire enchalada in my household including my baby Mikka. I figured it's high time for her to socialize since we only get to bring her either to the mall or to Sunday church.

Everything's doing great in the beginning (she was happily interacting with everyone) until when we were about to start dinner. She was asleep so my dear friend Ate C, put her in their room and she asked her eldest son J to watch over the kiddo.

After a few minutes, we heard the kiddo crying. We immediately went and checked to comfort her however, she was inconsolably shrieking into tears. We've never seen her that upset... I figured she must have been scared that she was left alone with no mommy, daddy and grandma in sight. Ohhh poor thing.

I didn't realize babies this young (she was just about 17 weeks back then) already could develop this behavioral milestone (separation anxiety)...

The sad part though was that when I tried to hold her in my arms, the more she cried. She did a bit better on my mom's arms. Haaay... I was definitely definitely upset and jealous. I was beginning to think that maybe my baby no longer knows that I'm her mom since her grandma spends more time with her these days as I go to work :o(

"Aray ko!!" (Ouch!). I cried that night.

Took me sometime to get over with. Well, really, I haven't...

Anyhoo, this is exactly the same reason why I wanted to bring her up close to family so she can mingle with different faces.. some friends do come over to our house to visit, however, it has a different impact on her when she's in someone else's house. But with hubby's family in Hawaii and mine's in the Philippines, I have no idea how would this "idealistic" setup would come into fruition.

Oh well...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mikka's Giggling :o)

Mamsy's trying to make Mikka laugh, haha :o) SOooo funny, checkout this clip

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Then and now...

Her first pictures were taken July 17, 2008, our first ultrasound...
A year later, this is her... at 19 weeks with her lola
I still can't believe I became a vehicle of a miracle... I love my Anik-anik :o)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


this would definitely fit my harajuku baby... i'm soooo excited to get her one of this...

my mom calls my Mikka "Japonessa" sometimes. i thought it's funny. she does look Japanese-y, huh?? she got her dad's fair skin (thank goodness) and facial features :o) though hubby could easily pass as a Filipino, I could still make-out his Okinawan features.

anyhoo, i'd post a pic here when i finally get to convince myself that $25 for a baby shirt is worth it... but it just looks sooooo cute!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Which one to eat????

My bebe's sooooo funny on this video, hahah! She was distracted and can't decide which toy to put into her mouth. Goodness, she's been wanting to eat almost anything she can grab...

Hubby and I both can't get enough of this video, aheeeeee :o) Sooooo funny my sweetheart...

My Goku and Harajuku Baby

Nothing to do on Father's day since mommy gotta work so daddy and the little kiddo had the whole day hanging out...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been a year....

About same date last year, we found out that we were pregnant...

And now, we have her... the "bungisngis" (like the dad) and the impatient (like the mom) Anikka Marishi @ 4months... my 13lbs & 12 oz bebe who poops and toots like nobody's business, haha!

Love you bebe!!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saying Sorry with Flowers

The other day, my mom and I had a small misunderstanding. I was uber tired the whole weekend because I had to work and I haven't had enough sleep. Plus I feel miserable that I'm not spending that much time with Mikka anymore. In short, a small glitch, could make me snap like a lightning!

So much so when Mikka's in her highchair and started fussing and my mom wanted to pick her up (she's soooo against everything that's strapped on her granddaughter... high chair, car seat, etc etc because she feels like the baby can't move freely) while I was heating up Mikka's bottle. My mom inadvertently uttered these words "Ayyy, kawawa naman ang baby at ginapos na naman anoh? Alisin ko na lang sya dito sa high chair kasi sobrang pinapawisan na... blah blah blah..."


I know my mom meant everything good for Mikka. However, hubby and I already discussed it with her that she cannot keep on picking her up everytime she cries because she'd get used to it. She might end up being one of those spoiled rotten kids!! I don't want that. If Mikka is not hungry and has clean diapers or not sleepy, there's technically no reason for the kiddo to cry. So we're ok into letting her cry a bit then afterwhich pick her up. Kids are smart you know. They just know your weaknesses so you have to pay attention to the different types of cries you hear from them.

Anyways, when my mom blurted out that she wanted to pick Mikka up, I just lost it!! So in a high toned voice I told her - "Ma, edi pick-up nyo. Tutal wala naman akong panalo sa inyo e. Lahat na lang kayo ang nasusunod"...

I totally forgot I have the most sensitive mom in the whole wide world.

Soooooo, I knew when she left the kitchen and went to her room, I had to apologize. It took me a few minutes to get the courage to say sorry. It was not easy but I know I have to do it because I have no excuse raising my voice to my mom.

I came in and she was sobbing. I said sorry however, it felt like saying sorry is just not enough. She gave me the silent treatment...

I knew I had to go outside to kinda cool it off a bit. That night I decided to go to Wholefoods market because I needed to get Mikka her diaper balm. When I got there I saw the different bouquets of flowers by the entrance and I knew I gotta get my mom one of those. So I did.

When I came back home, I immediately went to her room, I gave her the flowers and some chocolates, hugged her and I told her that I was terribly sorry...

Then she started smiling..... whew!!!!

Saying sorry is the hardest thing ever... so saying so with flowers helps :o)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lookie Mommy, I can sit!!!

Mikka's sooo funny she started to pull her upper body to sit, haha :o) I first noticed it when I was carrying her and she can't seem to stay put. Then she pulled her body so my arm no longer supported her back.

She has new "tricks" everyday and I can't keep up with her progress that I can't seem to get done uploading the vids...

Here's the video of her trying to sit up :o)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I did something super duper stupid the other day I really hope and pray that I wouldn't regret it and that it wouldn't have any consequences. Yaikkkkkks!!!!!!! How can I be sooooo dumb????? Argggghhhh!!!

Hubby's fault :o) !

Friday, May 29, 2009

My 3-month old sweetie!!!

Goodness gracious great balls of fire!!!!!!! My baby is 3 months old!!!!! How time flies... I'm sure before we know it, some guy would come in her life and sweep off her feet... haaaay....

Look at her.... oh maaaan....

We love you sweetheart!!


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