Sunday, December 28, 2008

30 Weeks and Counting...

Belated Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Hope everyone had a blast :o) For me and hubby, we were blessed to be able to celebrate it with a few friends.

The 1st week of my vacation is almost over but I still have a week left. Been really busy with baby stuff. I realized I'm already about 30 weeks and 1 day so I have 10 weeks more or less before we have the baby. Wow. That's just a little over 2 months from now!!!

Anyways, hubby and I made a good progress with Mikka's nursery. Last time, I posted some pics of the stripes we did on one wall. This time, we're done painting (almost) the rest of the walls so I wanna share some pics.

Also, we're so thankful that a friend of ours gave us a whole bunch of hand-me-downs of her 2 y/o daughter's baby clothes :o) OMG, I didn't expect she's going to give me a lot, but she gave me about 3 boxes worth of clothes!! From 0-3 months up until 24 months!!! It's really an answered prayer for us cuz infant clothes are really expensive. So with all these hand-me-downs, we can go by without having to buy any baby clothes for about a year's worth :o) See the pic below? Her clothes almost occupied 3/4 of our bed, hahah :o)

Thanks Em, for being so nice to my Anikka :o)

And oh, here's a sneak peek of our little angel :o) I surprised hubby for a 3d/4d ultrasound of his daughter this morning as this is my Christmas gift for him :o) We're both so ecstatic seeing her do some stunts (she was lifting her feet up to her face and such). She's flat-nosed just like her mom but I'm still hoping that'll change eventually cuz I really would love for her to look like her dad, hahah :o)

Awww, I'm so surprised how much I love her even if I haven't met her yet.... my bebe... kahit pango (flat-nosed), know that mommy & daddy loves you sooooo much!!!


QT said...

omg! u're 30 weeks na? time flies so fast talaga. 8 weeks after, ako naman manganganak. i love your baby's room! talgang labor of love =D. we have yet to start our baby's nursery. kaya lang we're not as creative as you guys. specially after the renovations we've been doing recently, ubos na ang powers! cant wait to see your little girl. im sure she'll be very beautiful =D. hapy new year, girl!

Gracie said...

wow, ang bilis ng panahon, 30 weeks ka na! in a few more weeks, 3 na kayo. i love your nursery's walls! ang galing talaga ni John!
i agree with Che, i'm sure your daughter will be very beautfiul.

Earvin said...

The nursery looks really good. Wehehehehe.

aslee said...

whoa! andaming damit! hahaha! ang ganda ng walls, im so envious! =)


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