Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hubby and I got tired of sweeping the floor everyday to clean after Chewy's hair. Yeah, he sheds a lot!! I'm not sure why Skye doesn't shed as much though she's pretty hairy too.

So we decided to finally end all this crap and this is what we did :o)

Even if he looks funny, I'm sure he's relieved as well that he's a ton lighter now. If we weigh the amount of hair we shaved from him, it'll be probably weigh 10 lbs!!!

This of course, is his "before" picture...

We're still thinking if Skye needed some trimming as well. I remembered last year, I took her to Petsmart to get her hair cut and regular grooming. It was pretty expensive so that was the last. Same reason why we decided we'd do all their grooming ourselves - cheaper and less stress for them.

This was how she looked like after her summer look 2007 :o) This picture still cracks me and hubby up, heeheheeeeee :o)

And this is her now after more than a year of looking weird and funny with her uber short coat :o)



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