Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi, I'm a Mac...

I was so excited for a friend of mine who just got his first mac ever! He got the latest Macbook Pro 15" last week. I'm just sooooo jealous!!!!!! Last time I talked to him, he's loving it the more he gets himself familiar with it. So he officially called it quits with his T42, ha!

Heeee, I get really happy & excited whenever I get to find out about someone shifting from PC to Macs, heheee, I dunno. Just thought having other options out there when it comes to computers is way better than having to stick with the same 'ol thing for the longest time. Where's the fun in that? Right?

Anyways, I was telling him that he should checkout the Apple Downloads section right away because it's one of my favorites - tonsa applications available (some are free, some are shareware) . For me, it's one of the coolest thing ever!! I'm sure there's also something equivalent for PC users as well, however, I'm not aware of it as of this writing.

Actually, there are other websites he can go to to get free mac games as well aside from the Apple Downloads website. I have a few mac games installed on my iMac but I seldom use them at all. I'm sure my friend at work wouldn't mind checking them out. Well, he's single so he has all the time in the world for all these kinda stuff. I used to have time for things like these as well, but since I got married I have to balance my time smartly these days, ha!

I remembered eons ago, the only game I get to play on my PC was solitaire - just to get passed by boredom. Years had passed and now, I didn't even realize that they also have this spider solitaire for mac available!!! Goodness.

Well for my friend, M, who aside from enjoying his iPhone is also adoring his new Macbook Pro, welcome to the dark side of the force man!!! Congrats on your new toy :o) You're officially a Mac now, hahaha :o)



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