Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Mine

Last night, hubby popped in the original 1941 Dumbo Disney movie. Last time I've seen it, I was still a little girl. I can't even remember the storyline anymore so I thought watching it again is not a bad idea after all.

When Dumbo's mom was ostracized because she tried to defend him from the kids who were trying to provoke and make fun of her baby, she was chained and locked into a separate "cage". So she was taken away from Dumbo. It was a very sad scene that I ended up sobbing and crying like a big baby (while my husband was laughing soooo hard that I was being emotional about it, ha!)

Please tell me that it's not just the prego hormones that kicked in last night.... this scene is the saddest I've seen in a cartoon movie. Come on peeps, tell me if this doesn't make you shed a tear or two as well... heeee... (naghanap ng kakampi)

I love the song... makes me think about this little kiddo growing inside me...


Gracie said...

hormones? :) your maternal instincts are kicking in now, i suppose.


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