Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still Alive and Kickin'!!!

Hey, just thought I'd update my blog today and let my fellow bloggers who are wondering whatever happened to me that I'm still here alive and kicking :o)

I've been really busy at work for the past month and by the time I get back home, I'm already too pooped to blog...

Also, there were tons of stuff that happened/are happening, I can't even figure out where to begin - 1) My brother proposing to his super sweet girlfriend. 2) My younger sister moving to Texas, left Singapore for good and married her fiance. Same reason why me and hubby went to Austin, TX last week to stand as witnesses to their civil wedding. 3) Thanksgiving weekend... etc.

I'd post some pics when I get my sister to send me my camera which I left in my brother-in-law's car in Texas. Bummer.

Anyways, the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. Though we didn't get to go anywhere else, I would say, it was pretty productive and fun for both me and hubby. We finally got to finish preparing Mikka's room for our stripes and polka dot theme. Painting stripes is not easy as it seems. Taping the pattern alone takes lots of time and patience. So finally, we got the taping done and started painting the dark pink's :o) Hopefully, we can get everything done by December so we can start buying stuff for Mikka.

Then of course, the rest of our weekend was spent with both me and hubby unleashing the inner rockstars in us :o) We got the recently released Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii and we're sooooo addicted!!! I'm the drummer and hubby's the guitarist :o) It's just soooo much fun doing something different with hubby --- great bonding time for couples, if you ask me.

I've been watching other GBWT fanatics in YouTube and I realized how much I suck at it, hahaha :o) This guy, for example, was playing the expert level on the drums. It's amazing how he'd hit every single note and I can really hear the beat of the drums!! He was using Rock Band drumset here. I hope one day, I'd be as good as this fella.

We were super thorned between getting Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band II. But the latter wouldn't be released until towards the end of the year for Wii console. Too bad cuz RB2 has better songlist. But we just can't wait that long anymore so we ended up getting GHWT instead. See, at least even if I'm not musically inclined, I can still play the drums even through just games like this :o)

So there, that was what's going on with me.... hahha!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you were able to find great deals on Black Friday sales :o)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Want Me Some of These!!!

I Like:

Blanche by La Canadienne at Zappos.comBlanche

Hi, I'm a Mac...

I was so excited for a friend of mine who just got his first mac ever! He got the latest Macbook Pro 15" last week. I'm just sooooo jealous!!!!!! Last time I talked to him, he's loving it the more he gets himself familiar with it. So he officially called it quits with his T42, ha!

Heeee, I get really happy & excited whenever I get to find out about someone shifting from PC to Macs, heheee, I dunno. Just thought having other options out there when it comes to computers is way better than having to stick with the same 'ol thing for the longest time. Where's the fun in that? Right?

Anyways, I was telling him that he should checkout the Apple Downloads section right away because it's one of my favorites - tonsa applications available (some are free, some are shareware) . For me, it's one of the coolest thing ever!! I'm sure there's also something equivalent for PC users as well, however, I'm not aware of it as of this writing.

Actually, there are other websites he can go to to get free mac games as well aside from the Apple Downloads website. I have a few mac games installed on my iMac but I seldom use them at all. I'm sure my friend at work wouldn't mind checking them out. Well, he's single so he has all the time in the world for all these kinda stuff. I used to have time for things like these as well, but since I got married I have to balance my time smartly these days, ha!

I remembered eons ago, the only game I get to play on my PC was solitaire - just to get passed by boredom. Years had passed and now, I didn't even realize that they also have this spider solitaire for mac available!!! Goodness.

Well for my friend, M, who aside from enjoying his iPhone is also adoring his new Macbook Pro, welcome to the dark side of the force man!!! Congrats on your new toy :o) You're officially a Mac now, hahaha :o)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Mine

Last night, hubby popped in the original 1941 Dumbo Disney movie. Last time I've seen it, I was still a little girl. I can't even remember the storyline anymore so I thought watching it again is not a bad idea after all.

When Dumbo's mom was ostracized because she tried to defend him from the kids who were trying to provoke and make fun of her baby, she was chained and locked into a separate "cage". So she was taken away from Dumbo. It was a very sad scene that I ended up sobbing and crying like a big baby (while my husband was laughing soooo hard that I was being emotional about it, ha!)

Please tell me that it's not just the prego hormones that kicked in last night.... this scene is the saddest I've seen in a cartoon movie. Come on peeps, tell me if this doesn't make you shed a tear or two as well... heeee... (naghanap ng kakampi)

I love the song... makes me think about this little kiddo growing inside me...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Drama Episode

Goodness, I just gotta blog about this...

Last Saturday, while hubby was still asleep (I usually get up early most of the time), I decided to kick-off my set chores for the day - clean up the kitchen and mop the floor to begin with...

While I was mopping, I dunno what happened that I started crying my heart out. The kinda cry that is non-stop, with matching hiccup-y snort (super hikbi galore)... weird.

Hubby came out and asked me what was wrong and I just can't explain... so he just understood that it's one of those pregnancy dramas :o) Thank goodness he's very supportive and understanding. He was just there hugging and consoling me.

It's kinda funny now that I think about it, but that day, I felt so devastated without any reasons at all.

Oh... the joys of pregnancy...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hubby and I got tired of sweeping the floor everyday to clean after Chewy's hair. Yeah, he sheds a lot!! I'm not sure why Skye doesn't shed as much though she's pretty hairy too.

So we decided to finally end all this crap and this is what we did :o)

Even if he looks funny, I'm sure he's relieved as well that he's a ton lighter now. If we weigh the amount of hair we shaved from him, it'll be probably weigh 10 lbs!!!

This of course, is his "before" picture...

We're still thinking if Skye needed some trimming as well. I remembered last year, I took her to Petsmart to get her hair cut and regular grooming. It was pretty expensive so that was the last. Same reason why we decided we'd do all their grooming ourselves - cheaper and less stress for them.

This was how she looked like after her summer look 2007 :o) This picture still cracks me and hubby up, heeheheeeeee :o)

And this is her now after more than a year of looking weird and funny with her uber short coat :o)


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