Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's In A Name?

Wooohooo, hubby and I finally finally finally agreed on Anikka's full name :o) Remember last time we were still not sure what Japanese middle name we like that starts with an "M"? So now, we found a not-so-common Japanese name for her--- "Marishi"!!!!

We bump into some website about Japanese gods/goddessess names and got interested with Marisha-Ten or Marishi-Ten. "Ten" means he/she's a god, so we took that out. John prefers Marishi than Marisha because for some other language, the name Marisha means "bitter". Plus Marishi sounds more Japanese-y (kinda like Oishi, haha).

So now, our little bebe's gonna be-- "Anikka Marishi Goya".... I sorta like it :o)

The first thing people ask after finding out bebe's gender is if we already chose a name for her. The 2nd question they normally ask is what's the meaning of it. Yeah... so I guess it's not enough to just choose an arbitrary nice sounding name... it looks like it has to have some meaning behind it. Susmio.

So here goes the meaning of our little chocnut's name:

Anikka --> grace, gracious, favor
Marishi --> ray of light, Japanese goddess of heaven, sun & moon

I asked hubby as well if it would be ok to call her Mikka as her nickname. I think he's still thinking about it. Nikka or Nikki would be too common already so I was thinking what would be a nice nickname that would be a combination of her first and middle name... so I thought of Mikka. Haaay... I guess this is how mommies think, hahaha :o)

Ain't it obvious we're super excited? Grabs, we already chose a name for her!!!


popcorn said...

I love the name Marishi too. I recently heard it in a short series - Samurai Girl - on TV. The series isn't so great, pinanood ko pa rin for lack of something to do :)

Crinklynose said...

hi jean! thanks a bunch!

ha, i've seen some commercials about that show from abc? i think :o) i've never seen any episodes of that show cuz i'm always stuck with house reruns and csi, haha :o)

orangecious said...

I love your little girl's name, especially her first name... :)
Take care,

Crinklynose said...

hi toss!!! ahehehee, believe it or not, you were the first one i thought of after finding the meaning behind the name anikka :o) you're the only gracious i know kasi, hehehee :o)

thanks, i love love love her first name... extra bonus for having awesome significance/meaning behind it as well :o)



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