Saturday, October 25, 2008

Polka Dots & Stripes!

For the past few weekends, hubby and I were occupied cleaning up the other room to make way for Anikka's nursery! Whoohooo!

We've been looking around for room colors and ideas that are not screaming "I'm a baby girl" too much. Though I must admit that I'm definitely partial choosing girly colors of course, hahaha :o)

So we finally thought we'd paint one side of the room in stripes and the 3 other sides a combo of light green and brown (and then add polka dotty accents along the border later on).

Thank goodness for VOC-free paints (almost odor-free) that makes painting more fun. I hate the chemical fumes from paints so I never imagined myself doing any painting jobs at all. So we bought sample cans of the colors that we like and started messing up with one of the walls. It's actually super fun!

Here are some photos I took. Hopefully, we could get the nursery done soon :o) For more pics, check them here.

We also found some nursery designs online that kinda look pretty cool as well :o) We originally thought we'd use square patterns vs stripes but we realized squares could be harder. So here are some inspirations we found in the beginning. Maaan, these are just pure labor-of-love.


Maeyo said...

Wow! These are gorgeous ideas. All the best with the painting!

orangecious said...

Wow - the polka dots will be really cute. I can't wait to see the final product. :)

I found out from your earlier post that you're hubby is from Hawaii pala :) We just came back from Maui and I super super super luv our trip. :)

Crinklynose said...

hi sis! thanks for swinging by!

i know huh, kakatuwa yung mga choices ng girls room designs, heheheee :o)

tc dearie!

Crinklynose said...

hello toss!

yeah, my hubby's from hawaii :o) i sooo love maui... love it than oahu (where hubby was born and raised) moreso because maui is more laid back and there's lesser people :o)

did you guys go to haleakala?

i wanted to go back there so badly, but maybe not until the baby comes out so she can meet her lolo and uncles & aunties there, hehee :o)

glad to know you had fun. how's j? how's OR? it must have started to get really cold up there. i missed OR too. i used to go there every so often when i was still with intel, ha! those were the days :o)


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