Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our "Anikka" Hija

Hubby and I have been thinking about names for little bundle of joy :o) Finally, I was able to convince hubby of the name I really really want if it's a girl... ready for this?------ Anikka :o)

Had our baby be a boy, his dad wants either Anakin or Kahlel. Yeah, sounds familiar right? Now you know what movies and characters hubby is so into. Goodness.

I also thought about a few American & Filipino names before like:

I love either Sinagtala (shining star) and Mayumi (graceful) for her Filipino name . They're so unique and very Pinoy but might be hard to pronounce for some kids. As tempting as it is, but my heart is set to Anikka from the very beginning and hubby likes it too. So Anikka it is!! Wooohooo!

We also wanted her middle name to be of Japanese origin but it's just hard to find a name that would match with Anikka. Plus, we want her middle name to start with an "M". Since here in the states, the child's 2nd name is what they refer to as the middle name whereas in the Philippines, the middle name is the mom's maiden name. So just to avoid confusion, we wanted to have her 2nd name to start with an M since my maiden name starts with it. So our little girl would be Anikka M. Goya :o) - with tbd "M" as of the moment.

Anyways, we're really excited. I hope we could find a nice sounding Japanese name for her pretty soon :o)


darly said...

naku naming a baby is not an easy job- syempre you have to think about the pet names she'll get out of it. Pero at the same time, its really fun din. I really enjoyed this time with hubby.

I got a lot of ideas from, Anikka is a really unique name.

My daughter's name btw is Althea Ingrid (which means "One who brings healing" and "beautiful)

God bless

QT said...

my sister loves anikka as well. in fact, she has named her non-existent baby girl as anikka miel. hahaha. pero matagal pa daw bago lumabas ung baby nya. and i thought sobrang aga namin makapili ng name for our baby. ours will be kirsten gabrielle if girl. pag boy.... im hoping it's a girl kasi si hubby talagang pinagpipilitan na diego angelo. see, diego at gabriela (silang)? hahaha

Gracie said...

i like anikka...good choice! :) i'm sure you'll find a perfect 'M' name match to that.

ruther said...

ok din naman ang mayumi... long name for YUMI (oh janapense name yan). :)


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