Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Night with the New Journey and Arnel Pineda

It's been 2 weeks now and I haven't shared our experience after seeing Arnel Pineda & the rest of the Journey band bring down the house in their Revelation tour here in Arizona.

Both hubby and I enjoyed the show though I could only sing a few songs from their repertoire that night. I'm not a total Journey fan, so if not for Arnel Pineda, I could have pass up for this one. But since hubby likes 'em and I wanted to see how AP would perform as well, we decided we'd go.

It's sooo worth it, I totally love the energy of the band and the crowd. I really thought there would be more of oldies than yougsters, but boy oh boy, I was definitely wrong!!! It's a pretty interesting crowd, mind you. Even the lolos and lolas (grandmas and grandpas) were dancing to the tune. Wild!

I uploaded a few of the videos I took:

1) When they were singing "Open Arms"

2) When they were singing "Faithfully"

3) When the members were being introduced to the audience and Arnel Pineda shouted "Pinoy!"

4) When they were about to exit the stage and Arnel Pineday shouted "Mabuhay!"

I really enjoyed the show, though it's a bit short than previous concerts hubby and I have been to. As we exit the pavilion, I was trying to observe and listen to the comments of the people. One said "Wow, I really like the voice of this new guy." One guy also blurted something like "It's amazing how this guy sounded exactly like Steve Perry"...

I like Arnel P. He's definitely one of the dudes who doesn't forget about his roots even after his success. He's definitely proud to be a Filipino and with the rest of the Pinoys in the crowd that night, we're all so proud of him!



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