Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Japanese Doll :o)

We're having a girl!!!!!!!

It's soooo heartwarming to actually see the little kiddo moving inside my tummy as the doctor was measuring and checking every vital organ she has. Thank God she's looking healthy and normal, very reassuring that everything's going to be ok.

Though hubby is expecting a boy, he's very happy that everything is looking good with our japanese doll :o) Haaay, totoong totoo na nga to! We're having a baby in a few months!!!!

I haven't scanned the pics yet, but once I got it done, I'd post some here.

Sooooo happy happy happy :o)


flowerdrumsong said...

Wow, Berns!!!!! You'll for sure have a doll!!!! Congrats!!!! *hugs*

Surfergirl said...

ooh berns! this is so exciting! a girl!!! :D cant wait to see her. so happy for you girl! take care!

aslee nino said...

super congrats! =) ka-excite, ur getting a baby doll. ako kaya kelan? hehehe!

Gracie said...

wow! goody goody goody!! :) glad to know she's healthy inside Mom's tummy.

QT said...

yey! so so happy for you!! now if i can have my own baby g, i'll be over the moon!!

Crinklynose said...

girls, naku, super thanks :o) di ko ni-expect to be this elated after finding out na it's a girl. moreso, after seeing her somersaulting inside me, hahaha :o)

take care always. i'd post some pics later today :o)

thanks a bunch again gals for all your support :o)



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