Monday, October 13, 2008

Meeting New Pinoy Friends...

I've been meaning to post this for quite sometime already but I've been really tied up but finally I found sometime to blog about this :o)

3 weeks ago, hubby and I met sis Izy and her hubby Meo. They invited us over to her baby shower. Izy is one of my longtime online friends and we've been corresponding through our respective blogs and emails for the past 2 years or so. She's also from Chandler, AZ so imagine my joy that after all these years, we finally had a chance to meet each other in person :o)

It's always nice to meet new Filipino friends here in AZ. Living in CA for a few years, I was so used to seeing lotsa Pinoys in every corner I turn. So when I moved here, I realized there's not much Pinoys around, so I always feel excited whenever there's an opportunity to meet Filipinos around the area.

So anyways, I always feel comfy with this gal so upon meeting her, I felt like I've known her forever. Normally in this kind of situation, medyo shy pa ako sa simula, but this time, it was different. Magaan talga loob ko with her. I think because she's very transparent - what you see is what you get, walang chuvachenes :o)

She's due end of this month and we really can't wait to meet their little bundle of joy - Audi :o) I'm happy that since we're having a girl as well, they can be playmates eventually :o)

Here are some pics I grabbed from her blog. I dunno, I just love this gal to pieces. I also adore one of her dogs - Kittles who is the sweetest lap dog I've ever met in my entire life!!! Too bad we didn't get to hangout with them that long cuz we had to leave early :o(

Thanks again Izy for inviting us over. It's such a pleasure meeting you, your hubby, your uber nice family and your cutie doggies :o)

I still have some more online friends that I've been corresponding with even before I started blogging. We were all planning our respective weddings back then and I'm hoping to meet them in person in the near future. Ann (Phils), Jean (Australia), Che (UK), Weng (Canada), Gracie (Dubai) are just a few my favorite "virtual galfriends" - the wonders of the internet huh? :o)


flowerdrumsong said...

whoa - i did not realize that izy is prego na!!!! cute naman - both of you are going preggy!!! thanks for the special mention - one day, we will meet, promise!!! ;) take care now, hun!

Crinklynose said...

weng dearie!!!! oo, kakatuwa nga kasi halos magka batch yung mga little kiddos, heheheee :o)

i know huh? i have a feeling we'd be meeting each other one day :o)

u tc always!!

Gracie said...

so sweet of you to mention me here :) *complete with blushing cheeks pa yan* thank you, my dear! :)
i'm so happy i've stumbled upon you here in cyberspace. and i hope one day, we'll get the chance to meet, too.
take care! xoxo


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