Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm A Girl!!!

Here's a couple of ultrasound pics I scanned :o) The first one is bebe's profile and the other one is a shot of how the doctor concluded we're having a girl :o) Nothing protruding out there between her legs, heeeheeee :o)

It's funny there was a time she was moving a lot and was opening her mouth, kinda like saying something, hahaha :o)

So during the fetal anatomy screen, the dr checked almost everything - her face, nose, eyes, ears, size of the head, legs, arms, hands, toes, neck, spine, brain. The dr also checked on her heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, umbilical cord and my placenta. Then at the end of the whole thing, there's a summary whether all measurements are within the normal range at her gestational age. So everything looked normal according to the dr as she's growing at the right rate. EDD is still set on March 6 :o)

Thank God, what a relief!

It has just started to sink in na talga. This is it :o)


darly said...

I feel ur happiness.

That's exactly how i felt when i first saw my baby's scal and found out she's a girl (an answered prayer for me).
Wait till you see her in person, it's magical.
God bless

orangecious said...

I'm happy for you :)
Sarap I dress up ang baby girl :)

Ann said...

weeeeeeeeee girl din first baby nyo. Congrats! Dami na barkada ni Janna hehehe.

Crinklynose said...

thanks mga sistahs!!!!

tc always!!

Gracie said...

woohoo! that's a nice pic of the little princess. another bestfriend in the making si Japanese doll! naku, sarap mag-shopping nyan ng clothes & accessories :)


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